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Discover the State of the Art in Refrigeration Case Control

Aug. 30, 2023
The Copeland CC200 Case Controller was designed to address modern retail refrigeration challenges. In recent retail store pilot tests, it delivered significant improvements in temperature precision, energy efficiency and reliability.

In a series of field trials of retail stores in Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia, the microprocessor-based CC200 Case Controller delivered precise temperature, superheat and evaporator pressure control in display cases and walk-in coolers and freezers (WICFs). Designed to support low-, medium- and dual-temperature applications, the stand-alone CC200 replaced existing controllers to improve the management of caseloads while simplifying every aspect of case management, including lighting, evaporator fans, defrost heaters, liquid line solenoid valves (LLSVs), stepper valves and pulse-width modulated (PWM) valves.

The results were immediately apparent: improved energy efficiency, food quality and reliability.

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