• Johnson Controls Programs Attract Contractors

    May 9, 2023
    One program determines effectiveness of marketing programs. Another provides hands-on training in Oklahoma City.

    Johnson Controls recently launched a new Marketing Health Audit program for contractors to determine how effective their current marketing initiatives are and changes they need to prioritize in the ever growing and changing digital space consumers crave. Some examples include communicating via text message, requesting an appointment online, reviewing and approving proposals online, reading online ratings and reviews before choosing a contractor, and more.

    The program news was shared with contractor attending the recent ACCA Conference in New Orleans. Yen Moon, senior manager, sales and marketing programs, said the program has been gaining interest among contractors.·          

    “Since we’ve launched the Marketing Health Audit as a business resource last Fall, we’ve had over 100 contractors select it, and our partner BxB Media is working with each business to fill out the intake form, get the audit completed, and walk-through results,” said Moon.

    “A contractor recently shared their appreciation for how detailed and informative the audit was. They didn’t realize how many things could impact their Google rankings, and they now have good information to share with their current marketing company to keep them accountable,” Moon added.

    Moon said areas dealers could use the most help with include:

    1.  Determining where and how to spend their marketing budget, based on their goals

    2.  A modern, up-to-date website

    3.  Digital marketing as a whole – things change often and ensuring a dealer is maintaining their digital presence can be confusing and overwhelming for a business owner to work through on their own

    4.  How to improve their online reputation management.

    Ducted Systems Academy

    The Ducted Systems Academy in Oklahoma City, OK that offers hands-on residential and commercial training with fully function live equipment - a unique industry differentiator. Johnson Controls can discuss their unique approach to training and how the new Academy is elevating contractor and distributor learning. 

    Christyn Mueller, manager of commercial learning, also was speaking with ACCA conference attendees. She said attendance at the Ducted Systems Academy has been up significantly this past year, with several courses being added to the schedule.

    "Looking towards the balance of 2023 and ahead into 2024, the team is committed to continuing to add opportunities for customers to join us in person in Oklahoma City, virtually or on the road. The technical team has recently added two experienced facilitators and the sales trainers have been on the road consistently," Mueller said.

    “The examples used throughout the week were extremely relatable which made the subjects easier to understand. We often went over time to ensure all the questions asked were answered," said one contractor. Another added,  “While at a class at the training facility, I had the opportunity to connect with several DSA employees while on break to get information I needed. I appreciate the team taking time out of their day to help.”