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High-Profile Speakers to Inspire at HARDI Conference

High-Profile Speakers to Inspire at HARDI Conference

In a new video invitation to members, Talbot Gee, CEO of Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) describes some of the exciting content that will be part of the coming Strategic Leadership & Finance Focus Conference, Memphis, Tenn., April 9-11, at the Peabody Memphis Hotel, and encourages HARDI members to attend.

"The conference is intended to provide top-level executives with a wealth of knowledge to help their companies excel in our industry," Gee says. "We’ve meticulously designed the content to help guide executive-level decision-making throughout the short term and long term. Covering topics from acquisitions and investment strategies to company culture, the Strategic Leadership & Finance Focus Conference helps position our industry leaders to maximize their companies’ success," he says.

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Presenters will include:
Herb Meyer, author, host, producer and former vice chairman of the Central Intelligence Agency's National Intelligence Council — What in the World is Going On? A Global Intelligence Briefing.

Barbara Trautlein, principal, Change Catalysts, LLC — You Know Your IQ, but What's Your CQ? Develop Your Change Intelligence to Lead Organizational Change.

Paul Giudice, CEO, CoMetrics and Greg Borr, executive director of operations, O'Connor Company — Beyond Benchmarking: Using Data to Drive Performance.

and nine more quality presenters. SEE THEM ALL HERE.





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