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Mounting Supports Simplify Roof Equipment Installations

Roof installations of heating, ventilating and air conditioning units is made easier with equipment mounting supports from Thybar Corp., Addison, Illinois. The supports have a high load bearing capacity attained by a system of internal bulkheads welded into position at specific intervals along the lengths of the rails.

Three basic styles of supports are offered: TEMS-1, TEMS-2 and TEMS-3. Standard construction includes: welded 18 Ga. Galvanized steel shell, base plate and counter-flashing, factory installed wood nailer, fully mitered end sections (Models TEMS-2 & TEMS-2) and internal bulkhead reinforcement. Optional features are: additional height, heavier gauge metal, construction to fit roof pitches, wood nailers up to 2" x 12", pressure treated wood nailers and overhanging wood nailers.

Supports for special applications include: roller supports complete with painted roller, 18-in. threaded rods, nuts and spring nuts. The support has a continuous wood nailer covered by a removable counter-flashing.

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