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    Universal Ignition Module Replaces More Than 800 SKUs

    July 8, 2021
    Streamlines contractor inventory, shortens installation time.

    July 8, 2021 – Emerson  announced today the launch of its universal White-Rodgers™ All-Spark™ universal ignition module, which replaces more than 800 24V intermittent pilot (IP) and direct spark ignition (DSI) part numbers in the HVAC market while offering faster installation time. The universal control also features near-field communication (NFC) capability, simplifying configuration and diagnostics through the White-Rodgers Connect mobile app.

    Through NFC, the All-Spark control communicates with the White-Rodgers Connect mobile app for quick and accurate HVAC configuration and diagnostics. Configuration can be completed through NFC without power applied to the control, which allows contractors to configure from the comfort of a service truck and even
    prior to installation. Through the app, users can access diagnostics that offer fault codes and easy troubleshooting, system status, and links to installation resources and product literature for quick reference.

    “The demand on contractors to get more done in a day has never been higher, especially given the shortage of technicians in the skilled trades fields,” said Craig Rossman, president, White-Rodgers for Emerson. “With the right replacement part always on the truck, and the ability to configure and troubleshoot all through a tap of the finger, this universal control helps reduce unnecessary truck rolls and increase productivity while also enabling increased efficiency in the field with a faster and easier install.”

    A digital LED display allows for advanced on-board configuration and easy to read error codes. And with both rajah and spade spark terminals on board, there is no need for an external adapter.  

    Learn more at emerson.com/allsparkpro