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    HARDI Survey: New Flat Rate Ranks High with Contractors

    Jan. 5, 2022
    Home service contractors responded to a HARDI survey on contractor buying preferences.

    DALTON, Ga. – Dec. 14, 2021 - The New Flat Rate, the first menu-pricing system for home service contractors, was named as the most commonly used retail pricing generator for contractors, during the annual HARDI conference in Palm Springs, California. 

    HARDI, the national industry association of HVACR distributors, partnered with Farmington Consulting Group (FCG) to conduct the national survey of HVACR contractors to determine their buying preferences and how HVACR distributors could best respond to the changing environment. Approximately 830 contractors completed the online survey.

    Twenty-eight percent of HVACR contractors surveyed said they use a retail price generator. 

    Other pricing generator products named by contractors were, Profit Rhino/Callahan Roach; Cool Front; Customer Service Pricing; and ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro.

    “Being named the No. 1 retail pricing generator by contractors is proof that The New Flat Rate is doing what it was created to do, which is to make the lives of our members easier,” said Rodney Koop, founder and CEO of The New Flat Rate. “We plan on continuing our growth by listening to feedback from contractors across the country and developing more menu pages that can help a broad range of home service companies.”

    About the survey: 68% of respondents were owners or executive members of their home service company with 59% being in the residential add-on and replacement
    market. The New Flat Rate ranked first against other price generator giants.

    The New Flat Rate’s 'done for you' system allows field service technicians to have instant access to a variety of price books.

    “This is more than just an accolade for our state-of-the-art software,” said Danielle Putnam, president of The New Flat Rate. “This is a display of how hard our company works to ensure our members have all the necessary tools to sell their services. Whether it’s going on ride-alongs to help our members improve the service call process or providing educational workshops, we are determined to make the lives of contractors easier and more profitable.

    “On average, technicians are leaving up to $1,200 each week on the table in customers’ homes. This is a lost opportunity, and The New Flat Rate is the automatic sales system that does the selling for them so they can pick up that additional $1,200.”

    The New Flat Rate’s "done for you" system allows field service technicians to have instant access to a variety of price books that provide pricing for repairs and gives customers multiple service options. The result is an increase in the average service ticket and customer satisfaction.

    The New Flat Rate, Inc. pioneered the first menu pricing system for in-home service providers, which has doubled and tripled the average service ticket for contractors across the United States and Canada, according to the