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    Modernize Launches 'Connect' Messaging Platform

    March 3, 2022
    Connect automates text messaging, phone calls and emails for home service professionals.

    Modernize Home Services recently announced the debut of Connect, a new automated messaging platform to help contractors grow their business by making it easier to follow up and engage with homeowners.

    "Modernize has been in business over 15 years, and has connected millions of homeowners to to thousands of contractors, to help them get work done to improve their homes, whether that’s putting a new roof over their head or helping with HVAC changeouts or repairs," said Jeff Barnes, vice president of Modernize Home Services, in an interview with Contracting Business.

    Modernize has become established in every form of digital communication available today, including organic, native, social media or email.

    "People come to Modernize through every form of digital marketing that exists today. Whether that’s through the swipe of a phone or searching  through Google or Bing, homeowners are finding us through all the mediums we use to advertise digitally, and then, going on a homeowner journey associated with each specific trade, to request quotes from high-valued contractors who can help them get that job done."

    Connect helps the contractor immediately build a relationship with the homeowner, with several templated best communication practices.

    Following up is a crucial stage for contractors to win business after homeowners express interest. But successful communication in the closing phase, as well as
    during project delivery, can be tedious and time-consuming for the contractor and hinges on using a mode that suits the homeowner. Barnes explained how Modernize focused on streamlining communication and establishing consistency across all aspects of the contractor-to-homeowner communication. 

    "That was one of the primary reason we launched Connect. Of course, you can have challenges with every communication medium, whether it's phone calls, emails or text messages. Connect helps the contractor immediately build a relationship with the homeowner, with several templated best communication practices, including how to set the appointment, how to direct the homeowner to the contractor's website, how to follow up after the appointment is set, and more. We provide an additional layer of communication."

    In a recent Modernize survey of more than 1,700 homeowners, 46% said they prefer to communicate with their home services professional via text message.

    Barnes said messaging best practices will vary by trade category. "Messaging for HVAC is different than messaging for solar, or window replacement and so forth. We have general best practices that are specific to each category, and we empower the contractor to leverage those messages at scale, or make them unique to each appointment they run. We do a little of both, to give the contractor the option as they work with each homeowner," he explained.

    and 8% want to speak on the phone. With Connect, homeowners are able to respond via their preferred medium in a way that’s simple and easy to use for the professional. This method of contractor-homeowner communication has been proven to increase close-rates by an average of 15% on new sales leads.

    Much of the preference for texting has been driven by a basic concern over  missing a call, and then needing to make a return call. 

    "Homeowners are inundated with everything on their mobile devices. If anyone gets a call, they have to answer it within a certain number of rings. If they miss a call, they have to call the other person back, and the opportunity for the two connecting is lower than if they can engage with a text message. 

    "If the contractor is in a meeting until 5pm, they can come back to the  text at 5:05 and pic up the communication. We haven't lost the momentum of the communication, versus a 'siloed,' 'must respond' call we have to both keep at the same time."

    Connect is designed to assist busy professionals by automating the process of following up with initial sales leads as well as facilitating ongoing communications.

    • Follow up messages can be timed and tailored for introductory appointments, estimates, contract signings, deposits, and project scheduling.
    • Messages can be personalized and automated across texts, emails and phone calls.
    • Homeowner satisfaction can be monitored and enhanced through project completion.
    • Positive ratings and reviews can be encouraged after projects are completed. 

    “Quick and consistent homeowner communication is a critical component of every professional’s process,” Barnes said. “With Connect, home services professionals will be able to leverage this unique offering to sell and secure more projects, and collect essential feedback during —and after— projects. This exciting resource supports our ongoing mission to help professionals grow their business and support homeowners with their projects.”

    Connect features built-in integrations with many popular home improvement websites, as well as custom integrations for online ratings and review sites. The platform is already being utilized by more than 1,400 clients throughout the United States.

    Connect will be offered for free to new and existing customers of Modernize Home Services for the next two months.

    Visit Modernize.com/contractor-resources/Connect-by-Modernize for more information.

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