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March 31, 2022
Products by Bosch, UEi, Zonefirst, RectorSeal, H2O Degree, and Johnson Controls Hitachi.


BLISS by ZONEFIRST is the world's first combination light switch and thermostat that provides WiFi temperature control at any light switch. It is perfect for zoning and VAV systems by using switch outlets for power and eliminating the need to wire separate thermostats. 

The line voltage stat from Hessaire Products, Inc. is the only evaporative cooler thermostat that offers WiFi and is compatible with all residential coolers. The thermostat mounts to a single gang switch box for ease of installation and features a large digital display, background light and auto-dim, 115/230V compatible, two-speed motor control, along with humidity sensing read-out. zonefirst.com


Bosch Thermotechnology announced an expansion to its connected thermostat portfolio, with the new Bosch Connected Control BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat. The BCC50 is a Bosch connected thermostat that is affordable while still providing high-end features such as smart device compatibility, remote programming and easy integration with HVAC systems.

The BCC50 offers a 2.8-in. color screen with five illuminated touch buttons, a minimalistic design, and voice control via Amazon Alexa- or Google Assistant-enabled devices.

Users can integrate smart home apps with the BCC50 to remotely turn their thermostats on and off, change the temperature, and review current conditions and settings. Alexa or Google will recognize the device by its name, which users can customize in the Bosch Connected Control smartphone app.

They can also access intuitive functions such as app alerts, auto-on
safety controls, and system air filter replacement reminders. Users can even set a schedule to ensure their Bosch Connected Control BCC50 meets specific heating and cooling needs.

Whether through the app or device, itself, users can lock the thermostat to prohibit changes; manipulate temperature set points or modes; and monitor run times for the heating or cooling equipment, air filter, and water pad. bosch-thermotechnology.us


Universal Electronics, Inc. (UEI) announced at the Air-conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (AHR) Expo trade show in Las Vegas, three of its latest innovations. Building on more than 20 years of experience in creating control solutions for the world’s leading HVAC brands, the company announced the launch of its next generation of connected thermostats marketed as the UEI Comfort Line.  

The UEI Comfort Line is a white label smart thermostat platform designed for HVAC OEMs and  hospitality-branded applications.  Designed with UEI's QuickSet®Widget, the line offers native Cloud connectivity, featuring UEI’s latest device management and lifecycle support services, which simplifies setup and control, and allows interoperability with a variety of smart home devices and ecosystems. The UEI Comfort Line includes all the necessary connectivity technologies to address the evolving smart home, including seamless connection to the cloud over Wi-Fi plus local device connectivity via Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee and Infrared, including support for Matter, the industry’s latest smart home connectivity standard. 

With built-in HVAC control and sensing capabilities for occupancy, temperature, humidity, and CO2 as well as interoperability with external indoor air quality sensors, the UEI Comfort line offers the best of what to expect from an advanced thermostat, sources say. The products feature an adaptive user interface that provides intuitive feedback on the status of your home climate. Users can easily navigate through all of the advanced features with confidence and ease via the large color display.  

The UEI Comfort line-up includes two smart thermostat products, and a versatile universal module pack accessory that provides global multi-voltage and sensing capabilities beyond just temperature control for the thermostat.    

Three models will be available: The UEI Tide Dial, launching in second quarter of 2022; the UEI Tide Touch, planned for later 2022; and the UEI Tide Bridge, also planned for release later in 2022.  uei.com/hvac


H2O Degree, a manufacturer of advanced two-way wireless submetering systems for leak/flood detection, tenant billing, utility conservation and building automation system integration in multi-family and commercial facilities, offers the T1000 Smart Thermostat. A direct replacement for many 24V AC thermostats, the wireless, networked T1000 enables remote visualization and local control of conventional
(forced air) heating/cooling, heat pumps and hydronic heating. Easy to access and program, the T1000 Smart Thermostat encourages utility conservation by property managers and tenants alike.

The T1000 collects a wide range of HVAC data by communicating wirelessly over H2O Degree’s secure 2.4 GHz network. Property managers can view temperature and humidity readings from the thermostats installed throughout their building and adjust them either individually or all at once using a user-friendly dashboard. They can program multiple heat/cool set-points, toggle between heat/cool modes and use conservation settings such as “night-setback” and “vacant.” Additionally, building managers can give tenants access to their individual thermostats on a web portal that can be viewed on their phones or computers. This control capability incentivizes residents to take charge of their own heating and air conditioning bills. h2odegree.com


In March, Johnson Controls launched one of the first-of-its-kind advanced control ventilation configurations for thermostat controllers. Designed for the TEC3000 Series Smart Thermostat, the feature adheres to guidance from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for safe building reopening and readiness during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new feature allows building operators to configure air changes to improve air quality and help reduce the concentration of airborne pathogens keeping occupant health and safety top of mind. Users can choose from two ventilation options to flush out stale air before, during and after a building is occupied -- demand
control ventilation or advanced control ventilation.

When demand control ventilation is configured, users can set desired parameters such as the pre-occupancy air purge time. When advanced control ventilation is configured, the pre-occupancy air purge time will default to the ASHRAE-specified duration of two hours. Additionally, the post-occupancy purge time can be set for a desired duration before switching to unoccupied schedule settings to maintain temperature, humidity and ventilation in the zone. johnsoncontrols.com


Indoor Air Quality

RectorSeal® and Dust Free® have jointly announced the release of the IAQ3 strategy, offering an extensive line of products designed to improve the air quality of indoor residential and commercial environments.

RectorSeal reports the IAQ3 platform of products has been carefully designed to meet a wide spectrum of indoor air quality demands for residential and commercial applications. By integrating three levels of IAQ products, the IAQ3 strategy help to increase the overall air quality of living and working indoor spaces.  The result is a dynamic air quality management strategy that provides a complete and customized IAQ solution tailored to specific customer requirements.

The IAQ3 strategy is comprised of the three essential components to help improve indoor air quality:  filtration, purification, and UV inactivation. All Dust Free
products and systems comply with the appropriate ASHRAE, EPA, and other industry standards, including UL 2998 applicable to zero ozone creating air treatment devices. IAQ3 products are available for shipment from Dust Free facilities in Texas and at RectorSeal facilities located in Los Angeles, CA, and Jacksonville, FL.

Dust Free offers a wide array of active filtration products that help remove symptoms caused by dust, pollen, mold, dander, and other air particulates as they pass through a ducted, forced-air HVAC system. Indoor air purification is achieved using Dust Free’s proprietary, 100% ozone-free, UV light and ionization technologies to reduce indoor air pollutants such as odors, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, and inactivate bacteria.

High-output germicidal UV-C lights from Dust Free work 24 hours each day, helping to reduce biological contaminants found on HVAC system components and within the air stream of a forced-air system.  The UV Inactivation process is active even when air is not circulating in the HVAC system. Because of the spectral sensitivity of DNA, only UV-C light demonstrates significant germicidal properties. rectorseal.com


DiversiTech®  is now offering its coil cleaners and leak sealants under the MasterCare™ brand name. The MasterCare line of concentrated coil cleaners comes in a wide variety of application options allowing for the most cleanings per ounce in the marketplace. 

The coil cleaner line-up includes PRO-GREEN™ (light-duty), TRIPLE-D® (universal/medium duty), PRO-BLUE™ (heavy duty), PRO-RED+™ (extra heavy duty),
PRO-BROWN™ (super heavy duty) and PRO-YELLOW™ (ultra-heavy duty). MasterCare coil cleaners offer more cleanings per ounce, making it easier and more effective for all types of jobs. Most of the gallons mix to create 4 gallons of coil cleaner, with industry standard TRIPLE-D mixing to create 7 gallons of coil cleaner, making it the most cost-effective solution available today. The top sellers — TRIPLE-D, PRO-BLUE, PRO-GREEN and PRO-RED+--have recently been launched in 4 times (4X) concentrated formulas sold in both a handy quart with easy-to-follow measure marks and a single use 4-oz. 1-shot bottle built for portability and convenience.   

The MasterCare line also includes leak sealants and dyes under the LeakArmor™ sub-brand. LeakArmor offers a complete installation solution, with Flex Shot™ hoses and inject adapters for both one-time use, or with reusable fittings. They’re offered with and without dyes to quickly find and seal leaks, no manifold required.  diversitech.com

Air Conditioning

During the NAHB International Builders Show, Johnson Controls Hitachi showcased the H500 Single-Zone Mini-Split System,  which offers a
ductless cooling and heating solution that’s flexible, energy efficient, and includes the FrostWash™ active-cleaning function for both indoor and outdoor units which provides fresher air, improves reliability, and reduces maintenance. Hitachi also featured the compact, whisper-quiet Mini-VRF system that has some of the industry’s highest efficiency ratings and enables individual comfort control of up to eight zones.