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    EV Series Premium–Model S
    EV Series Premium–Model S
    EV Series Premium–Model S
    EV Series Premium–Model S
    EV Series Premium–Model S

    RenewAire Adds Model to Premium ERV Line

    April 26, 2022
    Now smaller applications can use the feature-rich Model S to supplant costly bathroom fans, employ an industry-leading 1.82-CFM/watt efficiency, but at an entry-level price point.

    Waunakee, Wis.RenewAire® has introduced the EV Series Premium–Model S, a static plate enthalpy core-based energy recovery ventilator (ERV) for smaller, entry-level, IAQ-oriented applications in North America.

    Like the larger EV Series Premium M and L models introduced in 2020, the Model S offers one of the HVAC industry’s best CFM/watt, exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR) and static pressure capabilities with best-in-class, customizable operational features, but at an economical price point.

    The Model S is Home Ventilation Institute (HVI)-certified (CSA 439-09) and designed for pinpoint (IAQ) in new 3-bdrm/2-bath single-family homes under 2,500 square feet, condos, dormitories, manufactured homes and light commercial buildings. Contractors can eliminate the upfront capital, installation and maintenance costs of conventional bathroom fans with one Model S in compliance with the International Residential Code (IRC), but also add energy-saving
    heat recovery and a sensor-activated Boost Mode to offset IAQ challenges, such as bathroom showering, kitchen cooking or house guests with potential infections. Using a Model S to supplant bath fans reduces home penetrations from four to two, improves the Home Energy Rating System (HERS), and provides local and federal rebate incentives for contractors. 

    The Model S efficiency rating -- HVI-rated 1.82-CFM/watt (tested under IECC 2021 standards for motors up to ½-hp) -- surpasses the competition, according to RenewAire. Its many features include variable fan speeds supplying 30 to 130-CFM by an EC motor. The space saving impellor fan helps reduce its footprint to 22-1/2 (l) x 9 (w) x 23-3/4 (h)-in. (571 x 228 x 603-mm) for fitting tight spaces.

    The Model S also future-proofs new homes with its 1-inch w.g. external static pressure capacity, which far surpasses the upcoming 0.4-inch w.g. ASHRAE 62.2 Standard revision. Fan speeds automatically adjust to room activity contaminants that are monitored and activated automatically to Boost Mode by CO2, VOC, IAQ or occupancy sensors, or manually with a remote push-button in the space.

    The EV Series Premium Model S’s other features are:

    • Dial-A-Flow digital controller is included for quick and easy balance and airflow adjustments;
    • Replaces conventional bathroom fans by running flexible duct to the ERV;
    • Available with MERV 13 filter;
    • Included ceiling/wall mounting brackets and corded outlet plug reduces installation time;
    • ETL-listed for residential and commercial-grade applications;
    • Meets strict California regulations including the upcoming 2022 California Energy Code;
    • Helps introduce more outdoor air ventilation, which ASHRAE recommends for reducing airborne transmission of viruses, bacteria and other microbial pathogens;
    • Uses the latest G5 generation of exchange core.

    The Model S joins the M (Medium) and L (Large) EV Series Premium models, which accommodate spaces of up to 4,000-square-feet and five bedrooms with a minimum 165-CFM of outdoor air, have operating ranges of 30 to 225-CFM and 30 to 280-CFM, respectively.

    For more information, please visit www.renewaire.com or email: [email protected]; or call 800-627-4499.