March Product Collage


March 7, 2023
View and read about products from White-Rodgers, Fieldpiece, Franklin Electric, Caleffi, RectorSeal and EasyFit.


Fieldpiece Instruments in August 2022 launched two new combustion analyzer models -- CAT85 and CAT45 -- with compatible printers sold separately or bundled together. The new  analyzers enable HVACR professionals to assess heating
system emissions, draft pressure, and temperatures to support the overall fuel-efficiency and safety of furnaces. These new combustion analyzer models make analysis easier and more effective with a large touchscreen display interface delivering effortless readings, new sensor technology that maximizes uptime on the jobsite, a convenient rechargeable battery, and industry-leading  wireless range when used with the Job Link System app.



Franklin Electric Co. Inc. is helping HVAC engineering professionals maximize systems operation with the Cerus® X-Drive, an all-inclusive variable frequency drive (VFD) solution designed for versatility, intuitive startup and overall ease-of-operation. Available in multiple standalone and packaged configurations, including UL Type 1,

12 or 3R rated bypass or enclosed control panel (UL Type 4X engineered to order), the VFD is engineered to handle variable torque applications up to 700
horsepower and pairs seamlessly with Franklin Electric’s pumping and control systems. Each unit includes application-specific firmware that pre-programs settings for quick and easy startups and reliable protection for projects on fans, air handling, cooling towers, centrifugal pumps and vacuum pumps. 

Cerus X-Drive also features a compact form-factor with industry-leading power density (hp/in3). This aids in reducing the overall panel size, occupying less physical floor or wall space, which means more power in a smaller footprint. For more information, visit



Emerson recently launched the White-Rodgers™ 50M56X-843 universal single stage hot surface ignition (HSI) integrated furnace control, a revolutionary control that offers the first single-stage universal replacement that can be configured for either PSC or ECMx blower motors.

The HSI furnace control offers the ability to replace over 550 part numbers with only one control, reducing inventory by providing maximum control replacement coverage. With no additional harnesses required, this universal control utilizes the existing OEM harnesses, providing contactors an easier installation process.

The control is equipped with near field communication (NFC), which creates a wireless connection between the control and a mobile device. Using the White-Rogers Connect mobile app, the control allows contractors to quickly configure the control, without power, and provide accurate diagnostics with full fault code text and troubleshooting tips. A new feature within the app is called Auto-Set, which allows users enter the replacement part number to automatically configure the HSI furnace control to the replacement part’s original settings. Hundreds of OEM settings have been preloaded into the app to take the guesswork out of configuration. White Rodgers Connect



Sporlan specifically designed the Type HX Thermostatic Expansion valves for residential and commercial air conditioning and heat pump systems. The Type HX valves feature a stainless steel capillary tube optimized for reliability and long life. The single pushrod balanced port design ensures precise pin
and port alignment, enabling the valve to maintain superior superheat control at all load conditions. The HX valve body is available with a straight-through flow configuration with chatleff or ODF (sweat) copper connections. Sporlan supplies the valve with either an adjustable or non-adjustable bottom cap.    

Features and benefits include:

  • Long-lasting, durable stainless steel diaphragm and weld design
  • Single pushrod balanced port construction
  • Unique design minimizes solid debris build-up
  • Suitable for all common refrigerants
  • Adjustable and Non-adjustable Superheat setting
  • High-strength silver soldered joints with chatleff or solid copper fittings.


The Caleffi 536 Series PresCal HP piston-type pressure reducing valve is described by sources as the only direct-acting pressure regulating valve in North America
with true piston operation,  for stable, high-precision water pressure control, while withstanding severe inlet pressure or punishing downstream water hammer. It is the winner of a 2023 AHR Expo Innovation Award in the Plumbing category.


EasyFit Isolator is a two-piece valve that can be installed onto a live plumbing or
HVAC line up to 230 psi (1,586 kPa) and 185F (85C). The technician can isolate immediately, but the EasyFit also remains as a permanent isolation valve moving forward. EasyFit helps to prevent shutdowns and after-hours projects, and there is no need to find the next isolation upstream.



RectorSeal® LLC. is expanding its line of adjustable fittings for its Fortress cover products. Fortress products are well known for protecting ductless HVAC linesets, wiring, and drain hoses, ensuring code compliance, and providing a differentiated
aesthetic look to an installation. 

The new adjustable fittings provide increased flexibility to an HVAC technician and can reduce the number of fittings stocked in inventory or on a service truck. The new Fortress brand fittings are available in flat and vertical configurations. The adjustable flat fittings allow an installer to change directions on a wall surface. The vertical fittings should be used to change direction over an edge or around a corner. Both types of fittings allow the installer to create a 45-degree to 90-degree angle using only one of the new adjustable fittings. The fittings are available in 3.5-inch and 4.5-inch sizes.