• May 2023 New Products

    May 30, 2023


    Shortridge Instruments

    The ADM series AirData Multimeters are used as hand-held portable meters for air velocity, pressure, and temperature measurement.

    These meters may also be used to obtain direct air flow readings with an 8400 FlowHood Kit. Any model meter can be upgraded to a model
    with greater capabilities whenever needed. Please note that any of the ADM series AirData Multimeter Kits may be purchased with or without an 8400 FlowHood Kit.  Model ADM-880C AirData Multimeter stores 2000 readings.  Model ADM-870C AirData Multimeter provides maximum capability for the most demanding air balance requirements.  Model ADM-860C AirData Multimeters includes an RS232 communication port, which allows serial output to a printer or computer.  Model ADM-850L is an economical precision multimeter which offers unequaled accuracy and flexibility in a simplified model, at a reduced cost.



    Metasys Building Automation System from Johnson Controls creates intelligent environments by connecting HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems on a single platform to deliver the information building operators need. Its intuitively designed interface helps building operators make smarter, faster decisions to enhance the comfort and safety of building occupants while reducing energy consumption.  johnsoncontrols.com


    Innotech Controls Systems has introduced SKIA, a digital, programmable controller with native BACnetconnectivity that can control a variety of residential, industrial and commercial systems. It features a mix of digital and universal inputs and outputs, and provides a highly flexible solution for common small point
    count and distributed point applications. innotech.com


    Distech Controls’ ECLYPSE Building Intelligence is a microservices-based software platform available across the entire ECLYPSE portfolio. It facilitates the design, deployment, operation and maintenance of sustainable connected and autonomous buildings with what is described as unprecedented efficiency. Buildings using ECLYPSE ensure occupants a high level of satisfaction, and optimal operational costs.  distech-controls.com


    Automated Logic’s WebCTRL software, hosted in a secure cloud environment, allows building operators to optimize and manage all building systems --  including HVAC, lighting, fire, elevators and security--within a single user interface. WebCTRL Cloud offers powerful comprehensive building management with intuitive, point- and click graphical access.  Automatedlogic.com


    Emerson’s Sensi smart thermostats, highly rated for both residential and light commercial buildings applications, has expanded its product line with the Sensi Touch 2 and Sensi Lite smart thermostats and Sensi room sensors. Both the Sensi Touch 2 and Sensi Lite models were designed with consumer preferences in mind. According to recent studies1, both smart thermostats were preferred by consumers over all major competitors in their comparable price ranges. Sensi Touch 2 is the industry’s thinnest smart thermostat, providing a low profile on the wall, while both feature a sleek glass display.

    Sensi Lite smart thermostat offers a simple, easy-to-use functionality on the wall, with all the same features as the Touch 2 model in the mobile app. Combined with the lower price point, Sensi Lite will help expand the category, making it easier for customers looking to upgrade from a traditional thermostat, sources report.

    The Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat is compatible with the new Sensi room sensor, which remotely monitors temperature and humidity levels. Room sensors can also be used to prioritize temperatures in key rooms or, when using multiple sensors can balance temperatures across the entire home, helping to reduce hot or cold spots. Using Sub-GHz technology to connect to the thermostat, Sensi room sensor range is greatly increased compared to that of similar competitor Bluetooth sensors. 

    1Study focused on customer design preference. Conducted by Emerson from 3/2/23 – 3/3/23 with 646 survey responses that compared Sensi Lite smart thermostat against Wyze smart thermostat, Amazon smart thermostat and Honeywell Home smart thermostat. Conducted by Emerson from 2/25/23 – 2/27/23 with 1,102 survey responses that compared Sensi Touch 2 smart thermostat against Google Nest Learning thermostat, Ecobee Premium smart thermostat and Honeywell T9 smart thermostat. sensi.emerson.com/launch.


    Cielo WiGle, Inc. has introduced its smart thermostat, with WiFi connectivity for global control as well as a complete range of on-device controls that can be performed regardless of Internet accessibility, for a truly smart experience. The thermostat comes with a C-wire adapter, which makes it easier to install in homes without a common C-wire connection.  cielowigle.com/


    Robertshaw's Pro-Series is simple yet powerful. There are eight models to choose from, which eliminates truck stock, yet ther is a model to suit nearly any HVAC system configuration, from singhle-stage, non-programmable to 5-1-1 or 7-day programmable, multi-stage heating and cooling. A WiFi model and Robertshaw's iOS or Android app offer smartphone control. robertshaw.com


    SunTouch -- a Watts brand -- offers the SunStat ConnectPlus thermostat. Customers can have remote access and control of their floor heating system with this product. ConnectPlus works with Alexa and Hey Google for voice control of a floor warming system.
    They can easily connect this thermostat to a home WiFi system and enjoy features such as automatic clock setting, current outdoor temperature reading, weather compensation and warm weather shutdown. suntouch.com



    LG Electronics Component Solutions Gen 3 is the latest in a line of high-performing and reliable scroll compressors, concentrating on innovations in four key areas: scroll geometry, motor design, compressor start, and bushings. These innovations allow for boosted
    volumetric efficiency and performance, resulting in many benefits, including a 5% higher efficiency than previous LG compressors, which results in savings for businesses and consumers in terms of long-term energy efficiency. lg.com/us


    The Copeland ZFW variable-speed scroll solution includes brushless, permanent magnet motor-based scrolls and variable frequency drives targeted for low-temperature, stationary refrigeration applications. The
    variable-speed scroll provides better efficiency, precision, flexibility and reliability, sources report, adding that Copeland variable speed frequency drives EVM/EVH Series complement Emerson compressors and controls. It has double the capacity of a fixed-speed compressor of the same size while providing a 20-percent to 30 percent improvement in efficiency, sources say. 

    With vapor injection technology and a speed range of 1,000 rpm to 7,000 rpm, it offers unparalleled levels of control, while reducing cycling rates and improving reliability. 


    ClimaTemp Portables, Inc. has introduced the CPTH-12 heat pump, which combines heating, cooling and optional HEPA filtration in single
    unit. To use year-round, the CPTH-12 can be used as a portable air conditioner or portable heater, depending on the season. Options include HEPA filtration and needlepoint bipolar ionization for indoor air quality and purification. clima-temp.com 



    RHEEM® Heat Pump Surpasses the U.S. Department of Energy’s Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge

    ATLANTA, March 20, 2023 – After undergoing extensive testing by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Rheem was acknowledged for its exemplary performance in the Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge.

    Focused on residential, centrally ducted, electric-only heat pumps, the DOE’s Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge assessed heat pump performance in the Canadian and northern US climate, where temperatures can get much colder than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Following testing, it was determined that Rheem’s residential heat pump had delivered outstanding results in the challenge.

    Rheem has a legacy of developing state-of-the-art heat pump technology. With a variety of leading products already in market, Rheem improved its existing innovative design to deliver 5% higher COP during heating at 5 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature than the DOE challenge specification, making it ideal for heating homes in the targeted climate regions. The Rheem heat pump also performed at a 9% higher HSPF2 than the DOE challenge specification, highlighting the unit’s incredible efficiency.

    The DOE launched the Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge to accelerate development and commercialization of next-generation heat
    pumps by supporting American innovation and manufacturing. The DOE recognized the need for an efficient heating and cooling system based on updated state and federal policies and the growing demand for decarbonization. Rheem has always been at the forefront of sustainability efforts, especially since announcing its “A Greater Degree of Good” initiative, and has made notable progress toward the 2025 sustainability goals which encompass intelligent products, responsible processes and inspired people.

    “Rheem is committed to making a difference with the products we create, and our sustainability efforts know no bounds,” said Jeff Goss, Director, Product Management, at Rheem. “We were not surprised that our team of dedicated, innovative engineers at Rheem developed a residential heat pump that was able to provide 77 percent of nominal heating capacity at −15 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature and provided uninterrupted heating operation at −23 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature surpassing expectations and delivering top quality performance.”

    Heating and/or cooling a home, along with water heating, account for 40% of the primary energy consumption in buildings in the United States and are a major source of carbon emissions. As Rheem’s heat pumps run on electricity, they reduce the need for natural gas, making them an ideal solution for homeowners to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency. Heat pumps are more efficient than electric resistance heating, and Rheem’s heat pump needs less supplementary heating due to its improved performance in cold ambient temperatures. Together, these elements, and their ability to function at a wider range of ambient temperatures, make them a more sustainable heating option.

    To learn more about Rheem’s innovation pipeline, including its full line of cost-effective, eco-friendly products, visit Rheem.com.


    Greenheck’s reports that its extensive product line continues to grow with the addition of model DDF, a directional destratification fan that improves comfort and reduces energy costs by efficiently mixing air from floor to ceiling for uniform temperature distribution. The high-performance direct drive model DDF is available in three sizes and performance levels: a 10-inch diameter for ceilings up to 25 feet, a 12-inch diameter for ceilings up to 45 feet, and a 14-inch diameter for ceilings up to 60 feet. Model DDF features an aerodynamically optimized housing for maximum airflow, throw distance, and coverage area and
    includes Greenheck’s Vari-Green® electronically commutated (EC) motor and controls technology for maximum efficiency and controllability. A universal ceiling mount and plug-and-play wiring allow for easy installation. The DDF directional destratification fan is ideal as a standalone unit for providing air circulation in tight spaces or in tandem with AMPLIFY™ HVLS overhead fans in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications, especially in buildings with high ceilings such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

    For more information, visit www.greenheck.com/products/air-movement/fans/directional-destratification-fans   


     RectorSeal LLC. has introduced Aircore equipment pads to enhance the ArmorPad equipment pad product line. Aircore pads are constructed from a single piece of high-quality polymer resin. This allows them to provide stronger support and a more equal weight distribution for residential and commercial HVAC condenser units up to a load capacity of 1,450 pounds. ArmorPad Aircore equipment pads are available in 2-inch and 3-inch depths in 12 pad sizes designed to accommodate a variety of HVAC equipment footprints. 

    Made in the USA, Aircore HVAC equipment pads offer strategic advantages
    compared to concrete equipment pads.  The vibration-absorbing design helps reduce sinking, which can cause equipment pads to become unlevel, which can be a detriment to the operation of an HVAC system.  Aircore pads secure HVAC equipment through exceptional anchoring strength and readily accept and securely hold drilled-in clip anchors when installed in windy conditions.   rectorseal.com