Navien Product Announcements 651311620616e

Navien Wants to Heat Homes, Too

Sept. 26, 2023
Nationwide product peek shares news on the NPF forced air Hydro-furnace. Heated water is circulated through a hydronic coil which transfers the heat into the airstream.
Navien Product Announcements 651311620616e

Irvine, CA (September 26, 2023) – Navien, Inc. today announced three new innovations, including the company's first HVAC product, during a virtual launch event.

Central to the launch event was Navien’s announcement of the NPF Hydro-furnace, Navien's introduction into the HVAC market. Available in upflow and horizontal configurations, the NPF comes in two sizes of 60,000 BTU/h and 100,000 BTU/h that both boast 97.0% AFUE and meet the stringent requirements of SCAQMD rule 1111 for Ultra-Low NOx performance. 

The NPF uses Navien’s industry-proven dual stainless steel heat exchangers to heat water in an isolated compartment out of the airstream which provides sound-reduction and energy efficiency. The heated water is circulated through a hydronic coil which transfers the heat into the airstream for the ultimate in quiet forced-air
heating comfort. The sealed combustion design allows the NPF to deliver comfortable heat without significantly impacting humidity levels at one of the quietest sound levels of any furnace on the market. The NPF features industry leading variable capacity that can modulate down to 15% for an unparalleled level of comfort that allows the unit to meet year-round heating needs. 

The NPF features industry leading variable capacity that can modulate down to 15% for an unparalleled level of comfort that allows the unit to meet year-round heating needs. 

"We understand the importance of comfort to every individual, to their wellbeing, to their happiness, to their quality of life, and that is our commitment to each of them and our commitment to each of you as your smarter living environment partner," said Navien CEO Scott Lee, during introductory remarks. "We will always come to market with technologies that support the cause. We believe in the power of technology and its ability to transform lives, and you as our partners are at the forefront of that mission," Lee said.

An EZNav unit-mounted interface with built-in setup wizard provides easy, intuitive steps for startup, configuration, and diagnostics with the NPF.  Installers can set supply air temperature and airflow directly from the front panel, and the service wizard will walk contractors through component verification to aid in troubleshooting. Each NPF unit is compatible with most one- and two-staged thermostats and can be matched with any AC or heat pump system providing their own dedicated airflow selections and ramping profiles. 

A new addition to Navien’s tankless water heater portfolio, the company announced the NHW-A non-condensing tankless water heater, which features the patented ComfortFlow® recirculation pump and buffer tank originally introduced in the NPE-A condensing tankless water heater in 2012. ComfortFlow helps eliminate the “cold water sandwich” effect and resolves the issue of low flow rates found in other tankless water heaters. ComfortFlow also reduces the wait time for hot water by allowing internal or external recirculation without the need for external parts or controls. Users can program recirculation timing for either always-on, a set weekly schedule using the remote controller, or use the intelligent setting that learns the user’s hot water patterns and automatically adjusts the recirculation schedule to match. Like the NPN, Navien’s first non-condensing product, the NHW-A utilizes the proprietary NaviTech® stainless steel heat exchanger and burner for extreme durability and low NOx emissions. 

The NHB-H condensing boiler was announced as an update to the widely popular NHB. The NHB-H keeps much of the high-quality features of the NHB such as industry leading turndown ratios up to 15 to 1, high-efficiency of 95.0% AFUE, field convertibility from natural gas to liquid propane, four sizing options of 55,000 BTU/h, 80,000 BTU/h, 110,000 BTU/h and 150,000 BTU/h, and the ability to common vent and cascade the NHB-110H and NHB-150H models. New advancements to the NHB-H include the addition of the Vent Installation Detector (VID) for enhanced safety; an advanced front panel controller with an intuitive multi-line LCD display and command dial for quick setup and easy access to data, diagnostics and troubleshooting; built-in controls to run a boiler pump, 3 zone pumps or 3 zone valves; and the availability of a new stainless steel primary manifold kit, which simplifies near boiler piping, reducing installation time and materials. 

In addition to product launches, Director of Marketing Brett Butler provided a report on improvements to the Navien Rewards contractor rewards program and updates to the Navien products and services app. NavienRewards now offers an updated user interface with more ways to earn and redeem points for the program. The products and services app now features service videos for registered installers and servicers, and push notifications can be enabled by all users for alerts on new products, promotions and more. 

"Contractors can now earn points by watching training videos, and as of August 1st, participants can even earn points for their peak flow anti-scale system purchases with more ways to earn points. We've also introduced more ways to use those points with a full online shopping mall where you can redeem for electronics, kitchen appliances, travel, and so much more," Butler said.    

Navien will start shipping the NHW-A the first week of October 2023, NHB-H early in January 2024, the NPF Upflow the first week of November 2023, and the NPF Horizontal in January 2024.