• TECH UPDATE: Chillers

    Nov. 3, 2023
    A look at some current chiller models. More to come in time for AHR Expo.


    The Trailblazer is Daikin Applied’s first available unit designed with R-32 refrigerant, boasting a 33% reduced footprint and 10% reduced weight. Trailblazer chillers
    operate in off-design conditions 95% of the time, providing 10% greater capacity and efficiency compared to competing units at both design and off-design conditions. With a 10 to 240 ton range, the Trailblazer gives you the scale to fit your cooling needs, and offers the best overall value in air-cooled packaged chillers available today. Its quiet operation, high efficiency, RapidRestore® and new heat pump technology (model EWYQ) make these chillers ideal for mission-critical buildings, data centers, healthcare, and manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, the utilization of the low-GWP R-32 refrigerant, combined with its high efficiency, presents the best solution for decarbonization while proactively addressing upcoming federal legislation aimed at phasing out higher-GWP refrigerants like R-410A.

    JUST ANNOUNCED AFTER PRINT PRESSTIME:  Daikin's new Trailblazer (model AGZ-F) is one of the first chillers available in North America with low-global warming potential (GWP) and highly efficient R-32 refrigerant. The company has also added a closed-loop version of the Pathfinder with Free Cooling (model AWV) to its portfolio. Ideal for data centers and other energy-intense applications, this chiller delivers the efficiency benefits of an integrated water-side economizer, commonly known as "free cooling," while eliminating the need to use glycol in the building water loop as an antifreeze.

    The low-GWP plus high capacity and efficiency of R-32 is a leading combination for decarbonization. With R-32, Trailblazer AGZ-F delivers 10% greater capacity and efficiency versus previous models, with the potential to provide cost savings and reduce carbon emissions. Also, with a 33% reduced footprint and 10% reduced weight, AGZ-F presents a more compact solution for engineers, contractors, and building owners and operators cognizant of limited space.

    With a 30- to 240-ton range, AGZ-F features composite condenser fan blades as well for a simpler mechanical design with less potential for parts failures and related maintenance spend.

    The use of R-32 proactively addresses federal legislation to phase out higher-GWP refrigerants such as R-410A. Along with the new Trailblazer chiller, Daikin is working to integrate R-32 into more of its applied offerings. That's because the refrigerant has a reduced GWP compared to R-410A, which lessens the warming impact per pound of refrigerant. R-32 also requires a lower refrigerant charge per ton of cooling compared to popular alternatives, reducing the amount of refrigerant needed. And R-32 has a positive impact on unit efficiency, which trims the kilowatt-hour consumption and grid-level emissions associated with electricity grids that rely heavily on fossil fuels to generate electricity.




    The eComfort medium capacity air-cooled chiller from Lennox is dedicated to a large variety of industrial and commercial applications. Economic and ecologic this solution ensures excellent seasonal energy efficiencies and precise water temperature control. Its design, as well as its highly efficient components,  ensure excellent seasonal energy efficiencies (SEER and SCOP). On top, the combination of inverter
    compressors, EC fan technology and variable speed pump, enables a total modulation. It allows significant energy saving through perfect adjustment of air, water flow and refrigerant control.  eComfort metrics are accessible 24/7 through LennoxCloud and LennoxHydrocontrol. These remote accesses to the machine enable permanent monitoring, local supervision and help predict maintenance operations, offering improved responsiveness.  Intelligent noise attenuation management combined with rigid acoustic shell and EC fans enable an average of 9 dB(A) of noise reduction (AAAS). On top, a high-performance motor improves efficiency while reducing noise levels. lennoxcommercial.com



    Tandem Chillers teams have designed highly-efficient water-cooled, "service-in-place" chillers to be easy to access for maintenance and service. The "service-in-place" chiller refrigeration components and the compressors can be service or removed without shutting down the system.  The Markham, Ontario, Canada-based company also manufactures "remove-for-service" chillers. The company's outdoor air-cooled VX Series of modular chillers are now AHRI Certified.  tandemchillers.com



    The Trane Ascend®  air-cooled chiller, with integrated free cooling is now enabled by the Symbio® 800 unit controller. Ascend's capacity range is 150- to 550-tons. Refrigerant is R-134a. Compressor is a
    helical rotary screw compressor. The energy efficiency rating (EER) of Ascend is IPLV 19.7 to 21.6. An integrated free-cooling option takes advantage of cooler ambient air temperature to reduce energy consumption. AdaptiSpeed technology delivers robust efficiency with some of the lowest sound levels in the industry. A variable volume ratio screw compressor -- optimized for variable-speed operation, delivers peak efficiency under all operating conditions. The Symbio® 800 unit controller enables connectivity, flexibility and serviceability. trane.com/commercial/north-america  



    The YORK® YVAA Style B air-cooled screw chiller is an evolution of the first-generation YVAA, is engineered to drive efficiency now and meet or exceed future regulatory requirements. The R-1234ze refrigerant has a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a GWP of 7, which is well below the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SNAP requirement, making the YVAA Style B a future-forward solution for hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phase-down requirements. 

    In addition to the use of ultra-low-GWP R-1234ze, the YORK YVAA Style B features next-generation condenser coils to minimize refrigerant quantity and further reduce its carbon footprint. A newly designed compressor optimizes part-load efficiency to deliver a significant reduction in annual energy consumption. Series flow evaporators coupled with falling film technology help achieve market-leading performance. 

    YVAA Style B chillers are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, allowing reliable operation for a wide range of -10 F to 130 F ambient temperatures. YVAA Style B can reach capacity ranges spanning from 100 TR to 400 TR for comfort cooling applications, and 200 TR to 500 TR compatible with data center mission critical requirements. A configurable design meets stringent data center requirements of higher leaving water temperatures up to 75 F. 

    YVAA Style B chillers have been tested in applications across the globe for more than a decade and offer greater flexibility and configuration options for maximum performance with a smaller footprint.