• Copeland Hot Surface Ignitor

    Copeland Introduces White-Rodgers Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module

    Nov. 13, 2023
    New universal product replaces over 325 part numbers to reduce truck inventory and increase efficiency.

    Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, announced today the launch of its White-Rodgers™ 50E47U-843 universal hot surface ignition (HSI) module, an innovative control that is designed for maximum capability with existing HSI systems.

    This product offers new features not typically found in universal HSI modules, such as combustion blower/pressure switch functionality; 24, 120 or 240-volt ignitor capability; and real-time flame current display.

    These features allow contractors the ability to streamline inventory as it replaces over 325 part numbers across many common applications, including pool heaters, water heaters, gas furnaces, boilers and cooking and laundry equipment. An easy-install harness allows the transfer wiring connections before removing the existing module, providing contractors with an easier installation process. 

    The control is equipped with innovative features, including near field communication (NFC), which enables a wireless connection between the control and a mobile device. Using the White-Rodgers™ Connect mobile app, the module can be configured without power before installation. A newer feature within the app, Auto-Set, allows users to enter the replacement part number to configure to preloaded OEM settings, saving time and increasing efficiency. Once installed, the app provides fault codes with troubleshooting tips for quick and accurate diagnostics without having to count on flashing LEDs.

    The HSI module is the latest in a growing portfolio of universal part offerings, enabling technicians to stock fewer parts on the truck and ensuring that the right part is always readily available. Additional products in the portfolio include the universal single stage HSI integrated furnace control and the White-Rodgers All-Spark intermittent pilot/direct spark ignition module, which replace more than 550 and 1,000 parts, respectively.

    “Every year, we’re seeing more technicians retiring than entering the trade,” said Tom Buescher, platform leader, wholesale and new technology, Comfort Control for Copeland. “We remain committed to helping overcome that gap in the field by ensuring technicians have the right products to efficiently service and troubleshoot – saving time on each job site. Through the combination of our new HSI module and White-Rogers Connect, the setup process is simple and more efficient.”

    For more information on how White-Rodgers Connect simplifies installation and diagnostics for licensed HVAC contractors, click here. The universal HSI module is now available on the Copeland website. Learn more here.