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    Daikin Launches 'Quality Install' HVAC Commissioning Program

    Feb. 13, 2024
    Quality Install provides HVAC contractors and homeowners with the assurance that an installed indoor comfort system is set up and performing just as the manufacturer intended.

    Unleashing the capabilities long predicted for cloud-connected equipment, Daikin Comfort Technologies North America, Inc. plans to set a new standard for residential HVAC installation with the launch of Quality Install, a powerful, new way to commission indoor comfort systems.

    Daikin reports Quality Install simplifies configuration and commissioning in new, exciting ways. It can provide both HVAC contractors and homeowners assurance that an installed indoor comfort system is set up and performing just as the manufacturer intended. Quality Install is currently only compatible with certain Daikin, Goodman, and Amana® brand systems.

    “It is the new standard for all installed systems,” said Jim Cahill, IoT Solutions Business Leader for Daikin. “When it comes to installed HVAC systems, the efficiency delivered at a home can be heavily impacted by how it’s installed. Our new Quality Install process is like a virtual assistant guiding the HVAC installation team on site, then it reviews the work performed and verifies key aspects of the installation to help ensure homeowners get a great installation.”

    Putting the power of the cloud directly into the hands of Daikin, Goodman and Amana® brand HVAC installation teams, Quality Install configures system settings for optimal performance, calculates proper refrigerant trim charge, verifies charge, runs a system test and generates separate commissioning reports – one specifically for contractors, another designed for homeowners – that capture settings and performance. Using Quality Install, contractors can simplify the entire commissioning process, while providing trust-building transparency for homeowners.

    “This really is incredibly exciting for both HVAC contractors and their customers,” said Cahill. “With Quality Install, a contractor has verification of their installation from the cloud which validates system configuration and performance. When paired with our cloud services solution, Quality Install can provide homeowners peace of mind that the verification of system performance can potentially extend from the day of installation until the end of that system’s life.”

    This powerful new feature for Daikin, Goodman and Amana brand contractors, Quality Install, further streamlines the commissioning process by introducing “System Profiles.” Contractors can review and apply thermostat settings and system configurations such as airflow, balance point, defrost interval and more with merely a click of a finger using a mobile app.

    Profiles are visible in the Amana Brand Cloud Services, Daikin ONE Cloud Services and Goodman Installer apps. Current system settings can be viewed and edited quickly. A future Quality Install update will add the ability to save changes and create contractor-specific custom profiles, according to Cahill.

    Offering straightforward, step-by-step instructions and clear guidance to installers in the field, Quality Install guides users through each stage of the commissioning process. Launching the process is similar for Goodman, Amana brand and Daikin contractors as depicted via the images below:

    Preconfigured “Climate Optimized Profiles” are available for several climate zones, simplifying installation further. Where available, the profiles provide thermostat settings tailored for a zone’s weather conditions, optimizing system performance.

    Once the installation process is complete, Quality Install can generate two reports, a detailed one for the contractor, plus an overview of the system setup that can be emailed to homeowners, validating their purchase.

    “Through Quality Install, our cloud-based commissioning offers an outstanding opportunity for contractors to streamline the installation process while improving their team’s efficiencies,” Cahill says. “Plus, there’s real value in verifying HVAC system performance with homeowners. It builds trust and enhances their relationship with contractors.”

    Quality Install is currently compatible with the new Daikin FIT, Amana brand S-series and Goodman SD compact, side-discharge, inverter split-system air conditioners and heat pumps.