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    New Flat Rate Software Integrated with OPTIMUS Financing by EGIA

    Feb. 16, 2024
    This partnership leverages The New Flat Rate's intuitive pricing menus with OPTIMUS's extensive financing options.

    SACRAMENTO, Ca. (February 15, 2024) –  The New Flat Rate, price-generating software for home service contractors, has integrated its software with OPTIMUS Financing by EGIA. This arrangement allows contractors to offer instant financing approvals directly through The New Flat Rate's comprehensive pricing platform,streamlining the contractor sales process and significantly enhancing the customer experience.

    This partnership leverages The New Flat Rate's intuitive pricing menus with OPTIMUS's 
    extensive financing options, making it easier than ever for contractors to offer flexible financing 
    solutions without the need for external applications or cumbersome paperwork. The 
    integration simplifies the approval process, enabling instant financing options that cater to all 
    credit scores and a variety of home improvement projects. 

    "The financial logistics of project funding can create unnecessary obstacles and can often 
    completely derail the process," said Danielle Putnam, president of The New Flat Rate. 
    "Contractors often face time pressures when assisting clients, while customers can struggle 
    with the financial demands of immediate payment. Our alliance with OPTIMUS Financing 
    introduces a critical efficiency into this equation, granting contractors access to an on-the-spot 
    financing tool to better serve their clients."

    OPTIMUS Financing is the leading financing solution for the home improvement industry, 
    expertly managing over $750 million in annual financing. Committed to aligning customers with 
    the most suitable financing plans, OPTIMUS leverages cutting-edge soft pull technology to 
    pinpoint the appropriate lending or leasing choices for individual applicants, ensuring a perfect 
    fit, regardless of credit profile. Its unmatched efficiency allows OPTIMUS to approve 90%+ of 
    applicants, driving more revenue for contractors and a painless experience for their customers.
    “We’ve brought our organizations together to address a critical gap in the market,” said 
    Matthew Bratsis, vice president of contractor services for EGIA. “By integrating OPTIMUS’s
    simple approval process into The New Flat Rate’s pricing software, we’re empowering 
    contractors to increase their sales revenue and offer unparalleled value to their customers. 
    The New Flat Rate and OPTIMUS Financing both emphasize the mutual commitment to easing 
    the financial burden on customers and contractors alike. Their collaboration simplifies the 
    financing process and opens up new avenues for contractors to enhance their service offerings.

    For more information about The New Flat Rate,  visit https://thenewflatrate.com/.
    For more information about the OPTIMUS Financing program, visit