March 29, 2023
This month we share product information received from Airzone, Cielo Wigle, Greenheck, Lennox, Marley, Mitsubishi and NIBCO.


In March, Mitsubishi officially announced the introduction of the intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel System. This new Mitsubishi Electric solution is compatible with any thermostatically controlled furnace[1] and works with both single-zone and multi-zone systems. intelli-HEAT empowers homeowners who own gas
furnaces to improve their homes’ comfort and sustainability by using an energy-efficient, all-electric heat pump as their primary heating source. The furnace remains available to the homeowner as a heating source for extreme cold conditions.intelli-HEAT offers homeowners the benefit of consistent year-round comfort thanks to its INVERTER-driven compressor technology. Homes with an existing furnace[1], with or without an existing air-conditioning system, can use the intelli-HEAT system for cooling during warmer months. The all-electric heating
is operational while outdoor temperatures are as low as -13º F using the system’s Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) technology.

During periods of extreme cold, intelli-HEAT may switch to the gas furnace as needed based on capacity threshold and economic balance points. The intelligent switchover function built into the control box of the intelli-HEAT system coordinates operation of the furnace and the Mitsubishi Electric heat pump. This smart heating management is designed to result in lower gas usage and reduced greenhouse gas emissions while providing homeowner comfort.



Greenheck’s new model BAER belt drive sidewall propeller fan is designed for expanded performance and improved efficiency in wall-mounted clean air applications. The BAER features cast aluminum airfoil blades and hubs, an AC
induction motor, and an automatic belt-tensioning system that minimizes regular maintenance of the fan belt. The automatic belt-tensioner will adjust tension as the belt wears, easily doubling the life of the belt while maximizing the life of the fan and motor. Fan efficiency is also improved as proper belt tension minimizes drive loss. Model BAER is available in exhaust configurations with propeller diameters from 24 to 36 inches, and performance capabilities from 300 to 33,000 cfm and up to 3.3 in. wg.

A full range of sidewall accessories is also available.



NIBCO INC. expands its Wrot Racer® push fittings to include new configurations such as reducing and repair tees and couplings, additional sizes of male and female thread adapters, thread elbows and caps with drains.

The Wrot Racer line is designed to join copper, CPVC-CTS, PEX and PE-RT (with stiffeners) for easy transitions between piping systems. Featuring a patented
fitting design, installations are easily made within seconds. Wrot Racer push fittings are manufactured in the U.S. of 99.9 percent pure wrot copper. Naturally lead free, the fittings feature antimicrobial properties and zero dezincification, providing for safe, clean drinking water connections for both residential and commercial applications.

Available in 1/2" to 1" sizes, the lightweight and compact Wrot Racer fittings are able to be installed wet or dry and can handle applications up to 200 psi and 200 degrees. The new fittings feature stainless steel gripper rings to ensure a secure connection. Wrot Racer fittings are ideal for tight-space installations and can also be removed and reused, avoiding wasted materials.

Manufactured from recyclable materials, Wrot Racer fittings are environmentally green and meet a variety of certifications and standards including ANSI/NSF 14, 61, 372 and ASSE 1061. 

For more information, visit https://www.nibco.com/wrotracer/  



Lennox Industries in January announced the latest additions to its industry-leading suite of smart products with the launch of the Lennox S40 Smart Thermostat and accessories, including the Lennox Smart Air Quality Monitor and the Lennox Smart Room Sensor.

According to Lennox, 82 percent of homeowners have said they are making good air quality a priority now, compared to one year ago, according to a survey
commissioned by 4Media Group on behalf of Lennox Industries in November 2022.

To achieve the most perfect air, the Lennox S40 Smart Thermostat detects air pollutants, and customizes comfort room-by-room, in addition to providing maintenance reminders and service alerts. 

"The Lennox S40 Smart Thermostat is more than a temperature regulator; it is the command center for your entire Lennox system," said Ingrid Berkley, senior product marketing manager of controls and indoor air quality at Lennox Industries. "The S40 Smart Thermostat monitors sensors throughout your home while ensuring a seamless user experience, bolstered by a variety of automation features," Berkley said.

The suite of technologically advanced smart accessories launching alongside the S40 Smart Thermostat – the Lennox Smart Air Quality Monitor and the Lennox Lennox S40And Accessories

The Lennox S40 Smart Thermostat and accessories were made available in March 2023.

The Smart Air Quality Monitor detects and tracks particulates, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (TVOC's) inside the home. When poor-quality air is detected, it triggers the system to circulate and clean the air to ensure the healthiest air possible. The monitor is the only one on the market that enables on-demand ventilation, purification and filtration based on real-time air quality readings. 

The Smart Room Sensor provides accurate temperature and humidity readings to the S40 Smart Thermostat and tells it how to balance temperatures across the rooms where the sensor is placed. When a room is in use, occupancy sensors keep the set temperature. When it's not, the sensors revert to a more energy-efficient temperature. Of the 37% of homeowners who work from home more often now than they did pre-pandemic, comfortable room temperature and clean indoor air are cited as the top factors that create an optimal work-from-home environment.


Cielo Breez Max by Cielo WiGle is described as the industry's first true smart thermostat for mini-split, window, and portable air conditioners. It is loaded with
next-gen features and takes a giant leap in the HVAC industry with its AI-based "Comfy Max" mode which reportedly offers a true thermostat-like smart experience for all ductless air conditioners. It was named the AHR Expo Product of the Year at AHR Expo 2023.


Marley Engineered Products, a leading choice among contractors for comfort heating and ventilation systems, is now offering its QMark® MUH unit heater
and Berko® HUHAA unit heater in ready-to-install PRO Series bundles that include the most commonly-ordered safety, installation and control components to make heating any space effortless.

The MUH-Pro+ and HUHAA Pro+ Series bundles, which include the SmartSeries® Plus thermostat and B10 mounting bracket, allow for easy mounting and flexibility in controls and integration. The SmartSeries  Plus thermostat provides connection to BACnet MS/TP building management systems for easy control and monitoring. The bundles also include a 24VAC transformer for immediate connection to a low voltage thermostat or for future integration flexibility.


Airzone, a leader in dynamic HVAC control solutions, announces the long-awaited launch of Easyzone in the North American market. Easyzone is a plug-and-play, all-in-one zoning solution for concealed inverter and VRF HVAC units. At launch, Airzone will offer custom zoning kits for Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi, and LG systems, with more to come throughout 2023. 

Easyzone is well established in the European marketplace as an easy-to-install and energy-efficient zoning solution. It ships as a pre-wired kit, including the thermally insulated motorized plenum, control board and plenum neck. The plenum neck provides custom mechanical adaptation for each model of HVAC unit, so installation is truly plug-and-play. Easyzone is available with either 6- or 8-inch dampers.

Once installed, Easyzone can regulate temperature and airflow capacity in up to six independent zones via Airzone’s patented airflow regulation mechanism. No bypass damper is required; Airzone’s unique control board precisely adjusts the airflow and unit capacity, resulting in energy consumption savings of up to 30 percent.  

Easyzone is backed by Airzone’s exclusive library of manufacturer protocols, enabling sophisticated two-way communication between the VRF unit and the
Easyzone system for controlling airflow capacity, set point temperature, fan speed, operation mode and more. Easyzone is compatible with a range of fully programmable wired and wireless thermostats, enabling seven-day scheduling, setback, etc. for each zone. airzonecontrol.com