• Some Products to See at AHR Expo

    These and the Innovation Award winners as well as educational sessions will keep you busy at McCormick Place.

    Rheem at AHR EXPO

    The Rheem® Endeavor™ Line Prestige® Series iM Heat Pump (RP18AZ) is backed by patented industry-first features, 360+1 design and makes for a versatile solution for every home. The EcoNet® enabled unit features super-efficient technology, outstanding durability and qualifies for substantial tax credits and rebates. The inverter driven and variable speed compressor technology promotes ideal cooling operation between 40% and 100% of capacity, with overdrive capability up to 115% in extreme conditions, to meet ever-changing heating and cooling needs.

    This unit is ENERGY STAR® certified (up to 20 SEER2 / 12.5 EER2 / 8.5 HSPF2), provides precise temperature control, advanced humidity control and greater efficiency, making it an ideal solution for every home. Crafted with curved louvered panels, rugged corner posts, corrosion-resistant composite base pan and a powder coat paint system, the unit is durable and sustainable. Designed with home comfort and acoustics at the top of the list, the RP18AZ features sound-dampening attributes such as refrigerant tubing design, fan blade approach, composite base pan and innovative compressor and drive technologies to ensure that as efficiency goes up, sound levels stay low. The RP18AZ boasts a sound ranking as low as 58 dB.


    Daikin Applied at AHR

    While there are other low-GWP refrigerants on the market, the low-GWP plus high capacity and efficiency of R-32 is a leading combination for decarbonization. With R-32, Trailblazer AGZ-F delivers 10% greater capacity and efficiency versus previous models, with the potential to provide cost savings and reduce carbon emissions. Also, with a 33% reduced footprint and 10% reduced weight, AGZ-F presents a more compact solution for engineers, contractors, and building owners and operators cognizant of limited space.    

    With a 30- to 240-ton range, AGZ-F features composite condenser fan blades as well for a simpler mechanical design with less potential for parts failures and related maintenance spend. 

    Daikin’s new Trailblazer (model AGZ-F) is one of the first chillers available in North America with low-global warming potential (GWP) and highly efficient R-32 refrigerant. The company has also added a closed-loop version of the Pathfinder with Free Cooling (model AWV) to its portfolio. Ideal for data centers and other energy-intense applications, this chiller delivers the efficiency benefits of an integrated water-side economizer, commonly known as “free cooling,” while eliminating the need to use glycol in the building water loop as an antifreeze. 

    As data centers continue to scale exponentially, there has been increasing customer interest in HVAC systems that don’t require an antifreeze in the facility water loop. The Pathfinder AWV with Closed-Looped Free Cooling eliminates the need to add glycol to the building’s water loop to prevent freezing in colder climates. By pairing an intermediate heat exchanger with the chiller, glycol can be used outdoors in the chiller, but remains isolated from the building water loop, which reduces any potential impact to performance and maintenance inside the facility.  

    Carrier Commercial at AHR

    Carrier is introducing a new, more compact model of its award-winning 19MV with proven EquiDrive™ two-stage magnetic bearing compressor design for more performance per square foot.

    The 19MV is available with the choice of low global warming potential R-513A or R-515B refrigerant. It combines the Greenspeed® intelligence variable frequency drive to enable enhanced performance at off-design conditions and the SmartVu™ control panel for intelligent control and easier tracking and analysis of operational data. The 19MV is designed to make buildings better by allowing for optimization of HVAC systems. It can also take full advantage of cold condenser water, chilled water reset and other energy-saving practices to further improve building performance.


    Carrier Residential at AHR

    The Infinity 24 heat pump with Greenspeed® intelligence takes Carrier’s most advanced technology to the next level. If it looks like next-gen technology, that's because it is. 

    Greenspeed intelligence is created by pairing adaptable-speed technology with the Infinity® System Control. The unique, variable-speed compressor of this unit, allows it to literally adapt its output to the needs of the home. With tiny adjustments between 25 and 100% capacity, it gives the home only the amount of cooling or heating necessary.

    This allows the system to operate longer at steadier, lower capacities, which ensures incredible energy efficiency and quiet operation with tighter temperature control than standard systems.




    Sera Systems, Inc., now offers integration of its field service management software with Service Finance Company, LLC’s financing options. Service Finance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Truist Bank, is a nationally licensed finance provider that works with contractors to provide financing solutions to their customers for home improvement and repair.

    HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other home service contractors can instantly present multiple lending options for their customers without leaving the Sera app. Customers can then apply for financing for repair and replacement projects through Sera’s software.

    Service technicians can offer financing at competitive rates while they are on customers’ premises, which helps close more sales. Consumers can get finance approval in seconds to make necessary repairs or have whole new HVAC systems, water heaters, or other equipment installed – without getting out of their chairs.

    Contractors can offer a wide range of financing options, including low interest, no interest, and no money down options to meet each customer’s specific preference and financial requirements. Fast loan approval gets work started sooner, which improves cash flow.

    Chris Meseke, Head of Product for Sera, said a key benefit of the Sera/Service Finance integration for contractors is the ability to stay in the Sera FSM software application throughout a service call.

    “Service technicians view offers and calculate financing options in the Sera Tech App,” Meseke said. “It’s all in the app — every plan’s regular and promotional terms and interest rate. This integration results in a seamless process that improves efficiency and confidence for techs.”

    Contractor managers now can use Sera to select from the list of financing plans offered. Plans can be applied to departments and turned on and off to allow flexibility in sales methods in the field.

    In addition, clicking the Update button in Sera will instantly update the rates and terms for existing plans and add new offers, as well. Financing plans come with pre-established minimum and maximum amounts, but contractors can override the pre-set minimum amount to set higher price thresholds if that better serves their business.

    Sera Systems opens a new era of field service management software that is increasing margins by more than 50% for small-to-midsize companies within six months of implementation. Sera focuses on managing time, profit margin, cash flow, and membership plans using each client’s own data to boost financial performance and establish long-term business viability and growth. sera.tech


    Oxbox™, endorsed by Trane®, announced expansion of its product and service offerings to help meet customers’ changing needs. The expanded offering, which the company has dubbed “Oxbox 2.0,” features a new light commercial packaged unit — its first ever introduction in the commercial space, a new furnace line and an improved warranty option. The improvements underscore Oxbox’s commitment to adapting to the marketplace as its customers’ needs evolve. 


    With easy installation, Oxbox’s new Light Commercial Packaged Unit offers a turnkey solution for commercial customers. The LCU fits on a variety of competitor footprints with no adapter curb needed — saving install time and money. It meets DOE 2023 efficiency requirements, has an energy efficiency rating up to 14.8 IEER and convertible airflow. The new units, which have cabinetry and component layouts designed to enhance serviceability of key systems, may be ordered now via Oxcart, the company’s ecommerce platform, for shipment from the company’s distribution centers beginning February 2024. 


    Additionally, Oxbox is simplifying its portfolio with a newly available line of furnaces featuring expanded and optimized dual fuel ratings*. The furnaces are high quality, 100% fire tested, with efficient and variable speed ECM motors. With less SKUs to manage, the streamlined portfolio makes it even easier for customers and vendor partners to do business with Oxbox.  


    Rounding out the improvements, the company is now offering an improved, extended warranty option that is next to none in the value HVAC market. Not only does it feature a competitive length of coverage, it also covers multi-family applications, has a one-year replacement pledge, and stays with the home (not the homeowner), eliminating the need for transfer paperwork or related fees.

    *Not yet available in California


    Refrigeration Valves

    Mueller Refrigeration’s streamline refrigeration ball valves have copper press/FTG connections. They turn refrigerant flow on and off to allow for repairs or to recharge refrigerant. These ball valves are compatible with CFC, HCFC, HFC, and HFO refrigerants and oils. The valve stem is encapsulated to prevent rupturing.

    Parker refrigeration valves consist of solenoid valves for liquid, suction and hot gas defrost application requirements. The valves are compatible with virtually all of today's commercially available CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants and blends. The Parker refrigeration valves meet a broad range of system needs including refrigeration, air conditioning and freezing applications. From small fractional tonnage to large systems.

    White Rodgers BV series welded refrigeration ball (With Access Valve), connection size 1-3/8-in. isolates suction, discharge and liquid line pipe work during maintenance ahutdown
    Valve features: forged brass body; compact, lightweight, hermetic design; compatible with HCFC and HFC refrigerants and lubricants including R-410A and carbon dioxide. it has a full flow design, bi-directional flow characteristics and a valve stem cap that is retained by a strap attached to the main body.