Trane/American Standard Expand Trane Link Tech Compatibility

Trane and American Standard reported today the brands will expand the two brands' Link Compatibility starting May 20, 2024.

Central to the improvement is the new Trane Link Relay panel, which enables seamless interfacing for Link controls and Link communicating outdoor units with 24V variable speed indoor units.

David Lothe, System Controls Product Manager at Trane Technologies says the addition of a Link Relay Panel allows Trane Link Communicating Systems to pair with non-communicating 24V variable speed indoor units and provides customers with more flexibility and a lower-cost alternative to a communicating air handler or furnace, while still getting the comfort and energy efficiency of variable-speed technology. 

Link Relay Panels are now available for order, and shipments begin May 20, 2024. The Link Relay panel will be compatible with: 

  • TEM8 Air Handler
  • S9V2 Furnace 
  • S9V2-VS Furnace
  • L8V1 Low NOx Furnace 
  • POVO Modular Air Handler.

According to Lothe, Trane and American Standard are always on the lookout to provide more versatility for its high-end variable speed products. With the addition of the Link Relay Panel, certain 24V variable speed indoor products will be able to pair with the XV17 lineup, including the ability to add Trane Link functionality and connectivity to 90% furnaces; the new relay panel is also ideal for configurations such asmeeting California’s low-NOx furnace requirements, using a modular air handler, or accommodating more than two accessories. 

While the initial launch is focused on the XV17 lineup, compatibility will expand to Trane’s full Link communicating variable speed outdoor lineup later this year. 

Trane Link is a next-generation communicating platform that wirelessly communicates with the Trane Diagnostics mobile app, helping to ensure installation accuracy and faster commissioning during the installation process of Variable Speed systems. Plus, the Trane Diagnostics mobile app accesses Trane Link’s built-in system sensors for simple configuration and diagnostics—right from the palm of your hand. 

Trane Link systems are also built to be “plug and play.” Once the technician has connected the outdoor unit, indoor unit, system controller and smart thermostat, they simply need to turn on the system. The equipment will communicate and configure the system automatically to default settings. 

In addition to providing immediate access to system alerts, Trane Link offers several advantages on a service call. Technicians can access system data without the need to bring gauges and probes into the attic, onto the roof, or under the house to get data or check configurations.