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November 15, 2012
Change is Coming. No Need to Rush It!
Why Focus and Passion Matter
Zoned In: Mechanical Systems WEEK in Review
Call for Nominations: Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year
Superheat and Subcooling: The Best Ways to Ensure Proper Refrigerant Charge
'Refrigerant 4-1-1' Newsletter to Include Systems, Equipment

October 18, 2012
Source, Hill Phoenix Remodel Supervalu Store With All Natural Systems
DuPont Enables Seizure of More Counterfeit Refrigerant in UAE
Daikin Announces Move To HFC32
Arkema Adds R22 Retrofit Information to Website
Report Examines HFC Refrigerant Potential in U.S.

September 20, 2012
Video Provides Insight into HVACR Career Opps
Carbon Credits: Cash Incentives for CFCs
A Closer Look at CO2
Allocation Ruling Soon; Consider CO2, Says Witman
EPA Presents GreenChill Awards to Albertsons, Whole Foods
Alternative Low-GWP Refrigerants The Subject at ASHRAE/NIST Conference

August 16, 2012
Flammable Refrigerants: Safety & Liability Issues
Momentum Builds for Mechanical Systems WEEK
A-Gas International Acquires RemTec
Airgas Unveils Refrigatron Reclamation Technology

July 19, 2012
Change Management vs. Change Leadership
Tecumseh, Torad to Expand Spool Compressor Applications in Commercial Refrigeration
Honeywell Genetron Launches New iPhone Apps
Survey Seeks to Track Potential for Natural Refrigerants in North America
Hill PHOENIX Advansor CO2 System Installed in BC Supermarket
Diversified CPC Acquires Pure Chem

June 21, 2012
Training Wheels Roll at AAA Refrigeration Service
Global Recruiting Firm Targets HVACR Industry
Connecting to the Future With Integrated Technologies
DuPont Succeeds in Anti-counterfeiting Action in UAE
Meijer Joins EPA GreenChill Program
Design Your Mechanical Systems WEEK Visit to Suit Your Educational Needs

May 17, 2012
Refrigerant Leaks Will Sink Ya', Unless . . .
Global Recruiting Firm Targets HVACR Industry
At REMCO, They OWN It!
Honeywell Eliminating Certain Ozone-Depleting Materials
Diversifed Snaps Up Pure Chem
Design Your Mechanical Systems WEEK Visit to Suit Your Educational Needs
ASHRAE/NIST Refrigerant Conference to Provide Latest Updates
Purdue Conferences Roll Up in July

April 19, 2012
Values-Based Strategy Brings Growth
Adding the R to HVAC
John Rhodes to Lead Emerson Refrigeration Business
Weis Markets Stores Earn GreenChill Silver
Honeywell Begins Elimination of Ozone-depleting Materials
Emerson, Extech, Century Announce New Products
Want Regular Blog Readers? Follow These 8 Tips
Online Registration Now Open for Mechanical Systems WEEK 2012

March 15, 2012
Exclusive: While Industry Waits on EPA, HARDI Council Moves Forward
Do You Need a Business Plan?
Drive Time: Why Good Driving is Good for Business
HVACR Educator/Trainer Conference Explores Impact of HCFC Phaseout
Fresh & Easy Store Receives Platinum Awardfrom EPA GreenChill

February 16, 2012
Training Wheels Got to Go 'Round
R411 EXCLUSIVE — Robert Wilkins: The Time to Act is Now
Accelerated R22 Phaseout: Implications to be Discussed
DuPont Urges Vigilance Against Counterfeits
Troy Meachum to Lead HARDI Refrigeration Council
Emerson Offers Design/Testing for Hydrocarbon Systems
Refrigerants' Very Near Future

January 19, 2012
AHR Expo 2012: Another Opening of Another Show
Lowering the Heat in the Global Warming Debate
2012: A Time for Energy Leadership
Carlson & Stewart Takes a Big Leap Forward
Climate Sense: An Interview with Roger Pielke, Jr.
Bill Katz on Hydrocarbons

December 15, 2011
Cooling Over Warming: Q&A with Steven Hayward
Working Together for Common Goals
Honeywell Genetron Refrigerant Improves Pool Efficiency
Arkema Participates in AHRI Refrigerant Evaluation Program
RSES Conference Promotes History-Making Change
EPA Allows for Initial Hydrocarbon Use in U.S.

November 17, 2011
Safety Sense Can Win You More Work
ESCO Offers Practice EPA Exams
Michael Lanners In At Ritchie Engineering
Bully! HFO Chiller Debuts at England Market
Rajendran: Combine Refrigerant Choices WITH Energy Initiatives
Refrigeration & CO2
Rem Tec Opens Facility in China


October 20, 2011
Degrees Your Field Techs' Role in Business Development
RSES Conference to Cover Major Topics
GreenChill Webinar To Focus on Food Waste
Albertsons, Whole Foods: EPA GreenChill Heroes


September 15, 2011
Degrees of Improvement: Reaching the 'Next Level'
AHRI Seeks Refrigerant Research Participants
Universal R-410A Safety Training Available in Kindle
ATMOsphere Europe to Feature CO2 Case Studies
McQuay Resource Center Provides Myriad Refrigerant Info
New Markets: Enter With Care

August 18, 2011
Contractors, Supermarket Execs Debate Door Issue
Emerson Provides Updates to Refrigerant White Paper
Danfoss Issues Guide to Hydrocarbon Components
Filling Gaps in Ammonia Refrigeration Training
McQuay Resource Center Provides Myriad Refrigerant Info
Venstar Names Polar Technology for Puerto Rico Distribution
Refrigerant Management Canada Adds Disposal Fee for CFC-11


July 21, 2011
Carrier Petitions EPA to Close R22 Loophole
Honeywell Louisiana Facility Gets $33 Million Upgrade
Hudson Technologies Goes International
Rapid Recovery Wins Environmental Award
Recovery Tips from Yellow Jacket


June 16, 2011
Plenty of Action on Refrigerant Front
Tecumseh: Get Ready for Hydrocarbons
Hydrocarbon as a Drop-in? Tests Have Begun
Honeywell Genetron Refrigerant Receives UL Classification
ICARHMA Urges Thorough Refrigerant Reviews
Rapid Recovery Opens New Location in West
Virtual Doors to Open at Yellow Jacket University


May 19, 2011
What Do You Expect from an HVACR Grad?
Tecumseh Developing Hydrocarbon Compressors
RSES to Present Natural Refrigerants Seminar
GreenChill Now in 50 States
First CO2 System for Ice Rinks Installed in Quebec
Comstar to Begin Manufacture of R441a Compressors


April 21, 2011
Winning Companies Appreciate Winning Employees
Dow, Befar Group to Co-Produce Refrigerant Building Block
AHRI Continues Alternative Refrigerant Research
Advantage CEO is Wired for Work
WinCo Builds New Store on Greener Foundation


March 17, 2011
Time to 'Spring' Into Action!
Good Fourth Quarter for Hudson Technologies
Backyard Bonanza in Preventive Maintenance
Hey, West Coast! These Meetings are For You!
R-410A: 'Learn it, or hang up your tools.'


February 17, 2011
CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year
Arkema Continues Investments
Contractors, Supermarket Leaders Evaluate Alternative Systems
DuPont 3D Labels Combat Counterfeiting
AHRI Directory Will Continue to List R22 Systems
ICOR Names Jamie Magee to Manage Refri-Claim®


July 15, 2010
Constant State of Change in Refrigeration
U of M Testing Metal Alloy as a Refrigerant
Comstar, A.S. Trust to Manufacture HCR188C1
EcoThermics to Produce CO2 Compressor
RemTec Video Explains Services
Refrigeration Reclamation Tips

June 22, 2010
Who's the Expert Here?
Be Cool During R-125 Shortage
Hy-Vee Joins EPA GreenChill
Hill PHOENIX Improves Walk-In Division, Expands Network
Perspectives on Change
Changes Bring Challenges, Questions, Opportunities
Rapid Recovery Opens New Offices

May 20, 2010
Welcome to Refrigerant 4-1-1
The Refrigerant Report, May 2010
ICOR Joins EPA GreenChill Partnership
Honeywell Refrigerant Helps Convert Sunlight into Electricity
R125 Shortage is Here
Arkema/Daikin Facility Opens in China
DuPont Announces Intent to Acquire China Formulator
Honeywell Exec to Address JP Morgan HVAC Group
Supermarket Chains Reduce Energy Use
Refrigerant Disposaal: What to do With Contaminated Product
New Republic Facility Offers Refrigerant Recovery