Anti-sweat Controller Responds to Individual Operating Circuits

Anti-sweat Controller Responds to Individual Operating Circuits

The XPRT Eagle anti-sweat controller (XE-ASC) from Altech Controls, Stafford, TX, prevents condensation on refrigeration fixtures effectively and efficiently, company sources say. To accomplish this, the system uses feedback from each operating circuit. Altech sources say this patent-pending controller works in contrast to a global system that attempts to control heat on all refrigerators without knowing what each individual circuit is doing. As a result, the global system must be set to control the worst sweat condition, which results in an energy waste for all but the worst case in the store.

XE-ASC controls up to four anti-sweat heater circuits. It controls frame temperature based on dewpoint; provides pulse-width modulated outputs; is able to control solid state relays; and monitors heat “on” time to verify energy savings.

The XE-ASC incorporates the door frame temperature on each refrigeration circuit. It maintains the frame and door temperature only a few degrees above the dew point to prevent condensation. Altech sourecs say this maximizes energy savings by operating each circuit at the needed set points for the specific circuit conditions.

In addition to reducing the energy required by the anti-sweat heaters, the XE-ASC can increase heater life, prevent heater damage, and lengthen the time product can be maintained in the event of a catastrophic refrigeration failure. The control is inexpensive to install, and applies to new installations and retrofits. — Altech Controls
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