ComStar R22 GREEN RequiresNo Oil Change

Aug. 3, 2010
Meets LEED Credit EA-4 ozone depletion requirement

ComStar International, College Point, NY, has released R22 GREEN, an alternative DROP-IN refrigerant that requires no oil change. The RS series of refrigerants are easy to use, safe and proven in use in US, Canada and worldwide for over 6 years. Used by Carrier Commercial, Tropicana, Coca Cola, Kraft, Canadian Military and many more. ComStar International Inc., a 40 year old chemical company, is one of only three companies in the world that have “DROP-IN” direct replacement HFC refrigerants for R-12, R-22 and R502 systems, RS-24 (R426A), RS-44 (R424A) and RS-52 (R428A) respectively. In addition, our RS-45 (R434A) is the only R22 replacement that can be used in flooded chiller systems. According to company sources, these "green" refrigerants have the following cost saving benefits:

  • They meet LEED Credit EA-4 Ozone depletion requirement Safer for the environment, EPA SNAP approved.
  • They operate with all refrigeration oils, including mineral oil.
  • No oil change is required.
  • No new hardware is necessary.
  • They operate with lower discharge pressure & temperatures.
  • They provide better oil return to the compressor. RS-24, RS-45 and RS-52 have a very low glide of less than 1 Degree F and RS-44 is at 2 degree F.

These patented, ASHRAE classified refrigerants have an A1 safety rating, meet ISO 14001 standards and are SNAP approved by the U.S. EPA, according to the company.

NOTE: RS-24 (R426A) is an HFC replacement for R12 and the HCFC’s R12 replacements: R401A & B, R409A, R414B (Hot Shot), R416A and R420A.

ComStar International Inc. is a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of "environmentally safe, industrial strength" HVACR chemical products worldwide. ComStar has a comprehensive product line of chemical products for professionals serving the HVACR, indoor air quality (IAQ), plumbing, and parts cleaning industries.