Rem Tec Opens QA Facility in China

Nov. 17, 2011
Offers strict Quality Controls throughout the entire process

RemTec International has opened a Quality Assurance Facility in Shanghai, China for refrigerants.

"Our new Quality Assurance Program is designed specifically for refrigerants and fire protection agents packaged in cylinders or bulk tanks," says Patti Ellingson, Rem Tec's director of wholesale distribution.

"This program was initially designed as a solution to the moisture and unsaturated issues coming out of China, but has turned into a solution for the industry, as we are seeing 'fake' refrigerants and other major issues coming out of China," Ellingson says. The lab will be based at the Shanghai Aohong Chemical Company.

"In order to provide the focus needed to make the RemTec/Aohong quality control program a success, we have asked Patti Ellingson to take the lead on the implementation and development of this program," says Ron Marcus, Rem Tec business development manager.

"We will continue to work toward structuring the sales transactions between Aohong and our high volume key customer groups. Patti will work to facilitate these transactions between the parties," Marcus says.

Ellingson reports the China lab is a mirror image of Rem Tec's U.S. lab facility, and are testing and operating under the same AHRI protocols as Rem Tec's AHRI-700 certified lab at its Bowling Green, OH facility.

The Rem Tec program offers strict Quality Controls throughout the entire process to ensure the product prior to shipping.

For additional information on the program, contact Patti Ellingson at [email protected] or call 419/575-9490.

The Rem Tec Quality Assurance Process is described below

Prior to Filling & Packaging

  • Cylinders/tanks are inspected to ensure all are U.S. DOT approved, and meet RemTec’s moisture, particulate and vacuum requirements.
  • All used cylinders are inspected. Maintenance is performed according to customer and regulatory requirements, including valve refurbishment.

Labeling templates are compared to production packaging to ensure it is in compliance with the customer’s and regulatory requirements, including all U.S. Customs regulations.
Packaging is inspected for any damage. Damaged packaging is replaced.

Pre-Fill and Filling Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Testing:

  • The first disposable refrigerant cylinder that is filled is sampled and immediately tested to assure that it meets AHRI-700 standards, including unsaturates. If there are deficiencies, corrective action is taken and laboratory tests are repeated until all standards are met.
  • Filled cylinders are randomly tested throughout the filling process (no less than one cylinder for every 100 cylinders filled).
  • Bulk shipments of refrigerants and fire protection agents are individually tested in accordance with applicable industry standards.
  • Once filling is completed, a Certification of Compliance is issued for each packaged shipment, or bulk tank.

After Filling:

  • Packaging is again inspected for any damage. Damaged packaging is replaced.

Container Packing:

  • Unless otherwise specified cylinders are shrink wrapped on pallets and packaged in 20’ containers in accordance with international maritime shipping requirements.
    Inter Modal approved brace and blocking are used to secure the contents as required.

    Shipping documents are inspected and include:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Export Permit
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Country of Origin Certificate
  • MSDS

Customer Service
• RemTec International Bowling Green, Ohio, USA and RemTec’s West Coast Sales Office in Camarillo, California.

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