HVACR Sessions to HighlightRSES 2011 Annual Conference

Oct. 19, 2011
Many HVACR topics will be addressed by industry experts.

Business and technical educational sessions have been set for the 74th RSES Annual Conference and HVACR Technology Expo that will be held in conjunction with the 22nd RSES Annual Mid-Southeast Regional Association Educational Conference on Nov. 2-5, 2011 at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel in Norfolk, VA. The 2011 conference will focus on education as well as many industry-related topics and the theme will be, “Making History with RSES in Norfolk, Virginia.”

The RSES Tidewater Chapter will host the event.

Educational sessions include:
Combustion Analysis and Carbon Monoxide Safety - led by Rich Bruno of Bacharach Inc. This three-hour session will target all audience levels and will review how to provide professional combustion analysis to verify safe, efficient and reliable heating system performance while maximizing service dollars and increasing replacement equipment sales.
SEERing Up with R-410A for System Optimization - led by Nick Reggi, CMS. This four-hour session will target an intermediate-level audience and will cover why manufacturers are using R-410A for higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio values and the latest installation, service and maintenance techniques required to reduce energy consumption and ensure equipment life longevity. (Attendees interested in taking the R-410A exam after the session must register in advance, availability is limited.)
How Much is Your Time Worth? - led by Dave Boyd of Appion Inc. This near two-hour session will target all audience levels and will address issues of new technologies relating to the refrigerant recovery and system evacuation equipment and procedures. Boyd will highlight two systems, one system where the evacuation process can be reduced by a factor of five to ten and a second system that is lighter, faster and easier to use than all previous vacuum technologies.
Combining Today's Compression Solutions with Tomorrow’s Compression Technologies - be led by Barry Rust of Bristol Compressors International Inc. This two-hour session will target all audience levels and will cover the following topics: compressor overview; compressor research and reliability; field failures; future compression technologies; product information tools; electrical and mechanical diagnostic and troubleshooting; and compressor change-out procedures.
HVAC ECM Update - led by Christopher Mohalley of Genteq, a division of Regal-Beloit Corp. This two-hour session will target all audience levels and will cover the operation, installation and service of ECM indoor and outdoor motors including new OEM products and aftermarket applications. Mohalley will discuss all ECM products used in residential and light commercial direct drive HVAC systems from Genteq.
Refrigerant Monitoring
- led by Jim Mowery of Bacharach Inc. This near two-hour session will target an intermediate-level audience level. Mowery will cover refrigerant monitoring fundamentals; monitoring applications; where to monitor; California Subarticle 5.1 / F-Gas Regs; and ASHRAE and Local regulations for monitoring.
Chillers - led by Keith Forbes of Damuth Trane. This two-hour session will target an intermediate- to advanced-level audience. Forbes will cover water chillers and systems basic design and system application. New Thermostat Technologies will be led by Kenny Evans of Invensys Controls. This two-hour session will target all audience levels and will cover: thermostat definitions; HVAC overview; thermostat types; equipment types; trends in smart grid; energy management and monitoring; Energy Star changes; wireless technologies; manufacturer analysis; and a question and answer session.
Electronic Refrigeration Technology Evolution, will be led by Simone Mambretti of Invensys Controls. This two-hour session will target an intermediate-level audience. Mambretti will cover the following: refrigeration overview; refrigeration systems; refrigeration control evolution; defrost controls; application types; compressor controls; evaporator fan controls; probe technologies; differentials and set points; future trends, manufacturers analysis and more.
Heating Basics - Gas Valve Systems, will be led by Raymond Joubran of Invensys Controls. This two-hour session will target a beginner-level audience. Joubran will cover: fuel and pressure characteristics; gas valve applications; gas valve actuator types; gas valve characteristics; gas valve manufacturers; ignition control system; ignition manufacturers; flame rectification; pilot basics; thermocouple basics; thermopile basics; and more.

For additional information or questions contact Jean Birch, RSES conference and seminars manager, by e-mail at [email protected]. For more information on RSES, visit www.rses.org.