Refrigeration 'Knights' Meet for Roundtable Discussion at HVACR WEEK

Sept. 15, 2010
Will cover major issues shaping the future of supermarket refrigeration

Contracting Business — a leading publication for the HVACR industry, and Supermarket News — a leading publication for the food distribution industry — are bringing 10 commercial refrigeration contractors and supermarket executives together in a roundtable discussion format to review major issues and trends at work in the supermarket refrigeration industry.

The discussion will be held during HVACR WEEK — to be held Sept. 22-24 in Baltimore, MD. This event is by invitation only, but we’ll provide regular reports in the months ahead.

This Refrigeration Roundtable is generously sponsored by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, ServiceNet, and Hill PHOENIX.

The supermarket refrigeration sector — and commercial refrigeration generally — is up to its sight glass in issues. How many issues can there be? Let’s count ‘em:
• Refrigerants — natural and man-made— are providing challenges related to system design and efficiency.
• Reducing refrigerant leak rates is high on everyone’s list of priorities. • Alternative refrigeration systems — advanced DX, secondary loop, cascade using CO2, compact chiller modules, and distributed— all present unique challenges: which system should you choose, and why? • Technician training: how can it — how must it — improve and develop in the coming years?
• Store managers and contractors are doing their best to work together as much as possible, given changing dynamics of the business relationship.
• The “refrigeration industry of the future” look like in terms of how systems are designed, installed, serviced and monitored? • Will EPA GreenChill certification become a wave of the future for contractors?

The contractors and supermarket executives we’ve selected for this panel are champion crusaders for refrigeration excellence. They all have vast backgrounds in energy efficiency, system design and installation, and business development and management.

It’s guaranteed to be a great discussion, and we’ll keep you up to date in our Refrigerant 411 enewsletter, in the pages of Contracting Business and Supermarket News, and online in and

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