Sept. 4, 2012
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    Refrigerant Strap Reduces Strain, Risk of Cylinder Transport

    The JugLugger Refrigerant Strap, from SC Products, Inc., combines a comfortable shoulder pad and heavy duty steel snap links into a unique carrying system for small refrigerant and reclaim cylinders. All the technician has to do is attach the steel snap links to the refrigerant cylinder and rest the pad onto a shoulder. The strap allows two hands to remain on a ladder, and reduces the strain of carrying heavy, filled cylinders.

    SC Products, Inc. juglugger.com

    Waterjet Pump Uses 40% Less Electricity

    Described as eco-friendly and budget-friendly, the 30HP, 55KSI (22KW, 3800 bar) Jet Edge ECO-JET waterjet pump features an efficient direct drive pump design that consumes up to 40% less electricity than a 50HP (37KW) hydraulic intensifier pump, but produces the same output. The ECO-JET produces up to 1 gpm (3.78 L/m ) of 55KSI (3800 bar) ultra-high pressure (UHP) water for precision cutting, cleaning and surface preparation applications. It runs a .015 inch (.38 mm) waterjet orifice and can power most manufacturers’ waterjet cutting systems and waterjet tools. — Jet Edge



    Hale Urges Caution With ‘Drop-ins’ That Might Be Flammable

    Jamey Hale, CMS, a technical support supervisor for ICOR International, recently authored an article urging caution when using hyrdocarbon refrigerants in blends, to improve oil return.

    “There is no reason for concern if you have used, or are preparing to use, a drop-in refrigerant in a system that is not designed for use with flammable refrigerants, providing the drop-in refrigerant is ASHRAE classified A1 (No Flame Propagation),” Hale says. The entire article can be found at bit.ly/HaleUrgesCaution.

    “A major concern in our industry today is the careless promotion of hydrocarbons, or hydrocarbon based blends, as drop-in refrigerants,” Hales says. “Even though HC’s do have many positive attributes, in their pure state they are classified A3 and therefore if misapplied can be very dangerous to use. Safety should always be a top consideration when determining what refrigerant to use in any system or application.”

    A-Gas Buys RemTec Int’l

    A-Gas, Melbourne, Australia, an independent supplier of refrigerants, has acquired RemTec International, Bowling Green, OH. Rem Tec specializes in the controlled halocarbon management and sustainability industry. John Rutley, executive chairman of A-Gas International, said the acquisition of RemTec is an example of A-Gas International’s ambition to grow the business on a global scale.

    Richard Marcus, President/CEO of RemTec International, said he welcomed the resources that the A-Gas group and LDC bring to Rem Tec.

    “The financial and technical strength of A-Gas will enable RemTec to grow faster than it could independently. My team and my customers know that I have built a business based on service, and I will be staying on as president/CEO to ensure that we maintain this tradition even as we expand our products and services,” Marcus said.