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    May 1, 2009
    In Refrigeration Service Today, Contracting Business provides information on products, trends, and business management for today's commercial refrigeration contractor.

    On these pages, Contracting Business provides information on products, trends, and business management for today's commercial refrigeration contractor.

    Emerson Diagnostics Module Designed for Copeland Compressors

    The Copeland PerformanceAlert diagnostics module from Emerson Climate Technologies, St. Louis, MO, — a business of Emerson — accompanies Copeland brand compressors in supermarket, walk-in cooler, and industrial refrigeration applications. The module is available as a stand-alone accessory for reciprocating and scroll compressors, and on Copeland® brand condensing unts. With predictive diagnostics and fault history retrieval, Copeland PerformanceAlert allows for less system downtime and faster uptime for the end-user, ultimately decreasing product loss and spoilage. The module features low-voltage phase alarm protection, remote communication, 120/230 Volt compatibility, and a toll-free phone number for technical support. Company sources say the Copeland PerformanceAlert diagnostic module saves time and maintenance cost for the end-user by helping contractors provide faster service when needed. — Emerson Climate Technologies Emerson Climate.com.
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    Refrigerant Identifier Reduces Contamination Risk

    Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis, Exton, PA, has introduced the Mini ID R-22 HVACR refrigerant identifier. The low-cost identifier helps contractors verify the presence and quality of R-22 refrigerant in HVACR air conditioning systems. Proper identification helps to verify that technicians are recovering the right refrigerant into the right recovery cylinder, which avoids contaminating recovered R-22 refrigerant. The Mini ID delivers fast and accurate refrigerant analysis in a self-contained, compact, portable package. The identifier is avaiable for online purchase by visiting refrigerantid.net. Sources promise quick turnaround and delivery. — Neutronics Refrigerant Analysis
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    Refrigerant Recovery Unit is Small, Light, Fast

    Promax, Owaonna, MN, has released the RG6000 next-generation refrigerant recovery machine. Sources say the unit was engineered from scratch to deliver what is described as the fastest overall ARI-740-certified refrigerant recovery rate in most conditions within a small portable unit. Designed to provide maximum performance with minimum size, the RG6000 combines a compact, modular design, enhanced operation, and reduced maintenance. PROMAX RG6000 provides a liquid recovery rate of 7.78 lb./min. for R-22, and 6.04 lb./min for R-410A. Vapor recovery performance rate is 0.55 lb./min. for R-22 and 0.35 lb./min. for R-410A. The unit has been tested and verified to recover vapor at 104F, with a recovery rate of 0.46 lb./min. — Promax, an SPX brand promaxrecovery.com
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