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    July 1, 2009
    On these pages, Contracting Business.com provides information on products, trends, and business management for today's commercial refrigeration contractor.

    On these pages, Contracting Business.com provides information on products, trends, and business management for today's commercial refrigeration contractor.

    Capacitor Kit Reduces Truck Inventory, Parts Runs

    Genteq, a division of Regal Beloit, has introduced the Life-Line Capacitor Kit, an innovative field solution for contractors that reduces truck inventory and eliminates trips to pick up the correct-rated capacitor. The Life-Line Capacitor Kit consists of a carrying case containing six best-in-class Genteq capacitors, two Life-Line devices, assorted installation brackets, and a detailed, easy-to-follow application guide. The Life-Line device's Parallel Capacitance technology enables contractors to connect two capacitors of different ratings in order to achieve the exact rating needed for the job, providing the lowest cost solution to often-complicated and time-consuming HVACR repairs. regalbeloitcapacitors.comGenteq
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    Dowfrost Heat Transfer Fluid Reduces Energy Use

    Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI, reports that demand for its Dowfrost heat transfer fluid for secondary loop refrigeration increased by approximately 120% during 2008. Company sources attribute the increase to the reduced energy consumption and reduced environmental impact found with secondary loop refrigeration technology. Secondary loop refrigeration systems containing Dowfrost heat transfer fluid are used to cool meat, dairy, produce, and other medium temperature food items. Dowfrost inhibited propylene glycol (USP grade) heat transfer fluid is normally diluted 30% to 40% using distilled, deionized or other suitably pure water and is designed to be environmentally friendly. Sources say the mixture has no known impact on the ozone layer or contribution to global warming. When properly installed and maintained, the proprietary inhibitors in the fluid are designed to help extend performance and eliminate corrosion problems. The fluid has low pressure pumpability at temperatures down to 0F. Along with reduced emmissions, Dow sources report these types of systems also allow improvement of display case cooling performance and protection of food quality. The secondary loop system provides more evenly distributed, and more constant temperature refrigeration to chilled food display cases throughout the stores at equivalent or lower operating energy expenses. (Photo shows a Dowfrost installation.) — Dow Chemical Company dow.com
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    New Temperature Sensor Guide Covers Many Applications

    Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc., St. Marys, PA, has released a new selection guide highlighting its refrigeration temperature sensors. The guide presents detailed features and specifications on tube mount sensors, air/surface sensors and custom probe assembly temperature sensors for the refrigeration industry. These sensor solutions cover a temperature range from -50C to over 350C for many refrigeration applications.

    Tube mount temperature sensors consist of Sens-A-Coil, clip-on, c-style clip-on, and clamp-on temperature sensors. Air/surface temperature sensors include ruggedized, moisture resistant, sensor in molded plastic housing and fin temp sensors. Custom probe assemblies encompass air temperature sensor with flange, brass/stainless threaded sensor, snap-in and bendable copper tube temperature assembly.

    Spectrum Sensors packages NTC thermistors, RTD elements, silicon PTCs, IC temperature-to-voltage transducers, and digital temperature sensors, to provide a customized temperature sensor compatible with most electronic controls found throughout the industry. — Spectrum Sensors & Controls
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