• Arkema Adds R22 RetrofitTraining to Website

    Oct. 17, 2012
    R-22 retrofit information may be reached either from the Forane refrigerant homepage, or directly at www.r22retrofits.com.

    Arkema’s North American refrigerants website, located online at www.forane-us.com has been upgraded and expanded to include a new, on-line seminar focused on the complexities of R-22 retrofitting.

    All R-22 retrofit information may be reached either from the Forane® refrigerant homepage, or may be accessed directly at www.r22retrofits.com. Both sites include a link to Arkema’s “R-22 Alternatives Training Presentation” which is a detailed, navigable refrigerants training seminar geared toward technicians in the field.

    “Today, many in our industry are faced with selecting an R-22 retrofit from a large and growing list of refrigerant options,” says Stephen Spletzer, a senior technical sales engineer in Arkema’s North American fluorochemicals business, and author of the R-22 retrofit on-line seminar.

    “While many of these products claim to be ‘drop-ins,’ ‘direct replacements’, or ‘easy to use,’ the fact is there are no simple solutions. Training is vital to ensuring quality service throughout this transition,” noted Spletzer, who has conducted retrofit seminars for hundreds of contractors across the U.S.

    The on-line seminar is modeled after a highly popular Arkema in-person training program about R-22 retrofits, and covers the following key topics:

    • Phase-out/transition
    • R-22 Retrofits
      • General issues
      • Component comparisons
      • Functional considerations
      • Operating traits comparison
    • Retrofit recommendations
    The new R-22 retrofits website also features four distinct sections of information: An Overview: covering the phase-out of R-22 and the EPA timeline, including yearly “milestones” during the phase-out; Retrofit Options: discussing potential retrofit solutions based on operating pressures and application ranges;
    Retrofit Solutions
    : Arkema’s recommendations for specific retrofit products based on operational data relative to R-22, including capacity, flow rates, TXV change-out, lubricant, system pressures and temperatures, plus retrofit procedures to be followed in the field; Retrofit Resources: which provides a wide ranging FAQ section along with contact information for Arkema customer service and technical support.