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    Refrigeration Briefs

    Sept. 1, 2011
    Emerson Climate Technologies has updated its white paper on refrigerants for commercial refrigeration applications.

    Emerson Makes Revisions to Refrigerant White Paper
    Emerson Climate Technologies has updated its white paper on refrigerants for commercial refrigeration applications.

    "It's important to understand that this is an evolutionary process," says Rajan Rajendran, director Engineering Services. "While today's HFCs are the industry standard, they're certainly not the last step in the process. As a manufacturer of compressors, Emerson Climate Technologies is doing everything we can to improve efficiency and reliability. Working together with companies who produce refrigerants, we'll continue to push the industry to reduce our environmental footprint," Rajendran says.

    The white paper includes criteria for choosing a refrigerant, updates on refrigerant consumption regulations, recent advancements in the refrigerant sector leading to greener practices, system design considerations for operating at an optimal and responsible level and the future direction of refrigerants in the HVACR industry. Find the white paper at: emersonclimate.com/whitepaperref

    RMC Applies Disposal Fee to CFC-11
    Refrigerant Management Canada (RMC) has implemented a new disposal fee for CFC-11 refrigerant entering its extended producer responsibility (EPR) program. On August 1, 2011, RMC will begin charging an $8/kilogram disposal fee for CFC-11 refrigerants. The program has provided the industry with the means to comply with stewardship regulations in all provinces and at the federal level since 2001. RMC will continue to subsidize approximately 50% of the cost of collecting and destroying the CFC-11 refrigerant, but says it can no longer absorb the entire expense, as it’s done for the past 10 years. In 2009-2010, the program collected over 347,000 kilograms and destroyed over 299,000 kilograms of refrigerant. From 2010 to present, it has collected over 370,000 kilograms and destroyed over 399,000 kilograms. This amounts to an average increase in volume of 9% per year over the last two years and the additional volume has placed considerable strain on the program, RMC says.

    Intelligent HVAC Control System Reduces Energy Costs for C-Store Market
    Energy efficient technology provides simple way to increase stores’ bottom line
    As convenience stores face greater competition and tighter profit margins, many operators are looking for innovative ways to increase revenues while also making their stores more inviting for customers. Technology from Efficient Energy America, Wilmington,NC, helps contractors’ store customers reduce energy costs and usage, and achieve comfortable store environments. E2America's automated, self-refining, wireless, retrofit HVAC control systems go beyond traditional energy management technology to reduce electricity costs, usage, and carbon emissions for commercial enterprises. End-users include McDonalds, Bojangles, Taco Bell, and Golden Corral franchises, and other commercial buildings across the U.S.

    Sources say E2America's system more directly impacts overall energy consumption by optimizing HVAC performance and better managing electricity demand. The technology considers the environment inside a commercial building, and the environment a building is in, ensuring maximum thermal comfort in all areas. It accounts for 19 variables, including external weather data, internal and external humidity, solar heat load, and building occupancy to continually monitor, control, and optimize HVAC systems.

    E2America customers save as much as $800 each month per location, on electricity costs after installation, sources report. — E2America
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    AHRI Seeks Refrigerant Research Participants
    Manufacturers and research laboratories may apply to test new refrigerant candidates
    The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is soliciting the participation of domestic and foreign manufacturers and research laboratories for an AHRI-led, industry-wide cooperative research program.

    The low global warming potential alternative refrigerants evaluation program (Low-GWP AREP) has identified a group of synthetic and natural refrigerant candidates to be tested and evaluated to find promising low GWP alternative refrigerants for air conditioning and refrigeration products. AHRI invites applications from worldwide manufacturers and research labs to test the refrigerant candidates in three categories:

    • compressor calorimeter tests
    • drop-in system tests
    • soft-optimized system tests.

    Companies will be required to perform all tests at their laboratories with at least one candidate refrigerant compared to its baseline, using their own resources, at their own expense. Testing companies will benefit from having early access to testing results.

    Contact AHRI Manager of Research Xudong Wang ([email protected]) to request copies of the Participants’ Handbook and Test Plan Submission Template. Testing plans should be submitted to AHRI no later than September 30, 2011 to be fully considered.

    Morrill Motors Adds Analog Control to ICE142 Motor
    Offers more than 80% operating efficiency, company says
    Morrill Motors, Inc., a subsidiary of Regal Beloit Corporation, has a new feature to its ICE142® motor: 0 to 10-VOLTS/direct current analog controlled variable operation. The motor is typically used in the evaporator of commercial refrigeration walk-in coolers and freezers as well as outdoor condensers.

    ICE142 is a variable speed, brushless DC motor (115V or 208-230V single phase), with an operating speed range of 300-1800 rpm*. Company sources say it offers greater than 80% operating efficiency, outperforms PSC technology, and provides variable speed and digital serial interface operation and efficiencies that are 30% higher than PSC technology. — Morrill Motors
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    Emerson Climate Technologies Announces Price Increase
    Relates to Copeland®- branded products, effective Oct. 1
    Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson has announced a price increase ranging, on average, from 3 to 9% on all Copeland branded refrigeration products. The new pricing will be effective starting October 1, 2011.