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Refrigeration: Learning to Be Cool

July 1, 2007
Emerson Climate Technologies Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, says that its Copeland Scroll compressors are gaining in popularity and use in refrigeration applications. According to the company, many foodservice operations ...

Emerson Climate Technologies

Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson, says that its Copeland Scroll compressors are gaining in popularity and use in refrigeration applications.

According to the company, many foodservice operations (restaurants, institutional foodservice, etc.) are opting for refrigeration equipment outfitted with Copeland Scroll compressors because of the technology's inherent ability to maintain consistent temperature levels and to use energy efficiency.

"With razor-thin profit margins, foodservice operators are looking at every possible way to reduce costs. They're paying close attention to energy consumption, and are looking for new kinds of solutions to improve their bottom line," says Jim Mozer, vice president of marketing for Emerson Climate Technologies refrigeration division. "Copeland Scroll compressors save energy, but also impact the enduser's maintenance costs due to the durability of the technology, and its ability to handle the toughest applications."

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Hoshizaki's TempGuard PTR1SSB-HGHG pass-thru refrigerators feature the Evercheck audio-visual control center, ducted airflow for consistent cabinet temperature, epoxy-coated shelves adjustable in 1-in. increments, and perimeter door heaters (with back-ups) to provide condensation control.

"Contractors are finding that their customers are looking at higher-end equipment," says Randy Augustine, product manager for Hoshizaki. "They understand the benefit of paying forquality and energy efficiency now."

Self-closing, halfheight, double-pane heated glass offer an attractive and functional display, the company says.

Hoshizaki's TempGuard pass-thru refrigerators are constructed with a corrosion resistant stainless steel interior and insulated with an R-134A CFC-free polyurethane foam. The stainless steel interior is designed for long life, durability, and easy maintenance.

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Ritchie Engineering

The Yellow Jacket digital refrigeration system analyzer electronic test and charging manifold for the professional AC/R technician revolutionizes the speed, visibility, and accuracy of diagnostic information, according to Ritchie Engineering.

The patented pressure bar graphs of the Yellow Jacket digital refrigeration system analyzer show the pressure dynamics of the system for quick diagnosis.

By showing the smallest modulations in the digital reading, the dynamics of valve modulation and refrigerant flow are easily visible to the technician, providing diagnostics of system behavior and faults, the company says.

The multi-function analyzer features an integrated temperature probe to automatically calculate and display system superheat, subcooling and dew/bubble points corresponding to the sensed pressure, and temperature for the selected refrigerant.

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Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

"We're seeing the impact that high utility costs are having on companies' bottom lines," says Kevin Chunn, director or marketing for Heatcraft Refrigeration Products. "Companies want to know if many of the products that are available today are going to work."

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products enlisted Intertek, a third-party testing company, to confirm that the company's InterLink Smart Defrost Kit (SDK), is cutting energy costs for contractors' customers. Using new technology to predict frost accumulation, the SDK eliminates the number of unnecessary defrosts, ultimately reducing the total number by 44%, the company says.

Intertek began its testing February 2007 with the intent of validating that InterLink's SDK is capable of reducing the number of unnecessary defrost cycles and temperature fluctuations in a walk-in freezer. With the cooperation of a national restaurant chain in Stone Mountain, GA, Intertek recorded baseline data for a period of two weeks without the use of an SDK.

The SDK is a stand-alone control module that was designed tooptimize the number of defrost cycles on a typical electric defrost commercial refrigeration system. After familiarizing itself with the system, the SDK evaluates the frost accumulation on the evaporator and determines whether or not the accumulation is significant enough to initiate a defrost.

By installing a module that defrosts only when needed, contractors are providing their customers with increased energy efficiency, more consistent box temperatures and enhanced product integrity, the company says.

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According to Honeywell, it's important to have a knowledgeable refrigerant partner that can help your business make the transition to environmentally safer hydrofluorocarbon products.

"The big issue right now in refrigeration and air conditioning is the situation surrounding R-22," says Chris LaPietra, marketing manager for Honeywell's wholesale division. "Demand for R-22 across the board is much higher than we had expected just a few years ago. Our recommendation for refrigeration and air conditioning is to move to an HFC refrigerant for new equipment or embark on a refrigeration retrofit program for existing supermarket equipment."

Honeywell strives to be a fullservice supplier by providing products and support programs that meet the changing needs of air conditioning and refrigeration professionals. The broad product line Honeywell offers features Genetron brand solutions for virtually every application in air conditioning and refrigeration.

Genetron 22 is a single-component HCFC refrigerant manufactured to meet the tightest of manufacturers' specification, and can be used to service any equipment designed to use R-22.

Genetron 22 is available in a variety of package sizes.

Refrigerant HCFC-22 (or R-22) is being phased out globally by countries as part of an international agreement on ozone-depleting chemicals, the company says. By 2010 most countries will no longer allow R-22 to be used in new refrigeration systems, and R-22 refrigerant for servicing systems will become less available over time.

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Experienced HVACR professionals understand that time is money, andthe more time they can save doing a job, the more money they make at the end of the day, according to Tim Wagaman, senior product manager for SPX. The new RG5410EX refrigerant recovery machine from Promax is specifically designed to save time and money. "The ‘EX' is for the extreme upgrades we added to the popular RG5410A recovery machine," Wagaman says. "For example, our high efficiency 1/2 hp motor drives a redesigned compressor that increases volume flow by 20%, saving time spent on each recovery job.

"We also improved the performance of the extra-large condenser, and ‘beefed-up' the inside of the machine, adding heavy-duty components to deliver maximum performance under the harshest conditions."

The RG5410EX refrigerant recovery machine incorporates many of the features of its predecessor, the RG5410A. According to the manufacturer, the machine is ideal for any experienced HVACR technician servicing light commercial and residential heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems.

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The Danfoss ICF valve station allows industrial refrigeration installers to complete projects faster and with less labor than before. Its single, onepiece body provides ports for up tosix function device modules that are configured specifically for a customer's application and shipped to a jobsite as a complete subassembly, ready for installation into the jobsite piping or into the OEM's products.

"The modular function inserts that can be mounted on an ICF body include stop valves, strainers, solenoid valves, checkvalves, combination stop/check valves andmotorized or hand expansion valves," says Brian Davis, vice presidentof industrial refrigeration for Danfoss. "The ICF bodyalso offers side ports for sight glasses, temperature or pressure sensors, pressure gauges and a side exit for a drain or bypass."

Once specified, the ICF valve station is delivered from Danfoss fully assembled and ready to be installed with just two welds. The new Danfoss design features socket weld connections up to 11/2-in.

In addition, the ICF valve station features a high-design working pressure of 754 psi and a lowminimum working temperature of -76F. The ICF valve station is suitable for use with R-717 and all common

HFC refrigerants, plus CO2. Standard features include zinc chromate corrosion protection and stainless steel trim.

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