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    Aug. 1, 2009
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    Defrost Timers Mount in Existing Enclosures

    DTMV40 Frost King defrost timers by Intermatic can be mounted in existing closures, and no tools are required. Defrost times are settable on quarter hour settings with captive trippers. The timers are protected from the elements by a moisture-resistant, conformal coating. LED indicators provide readouts for defrost and refrigeration cycles. Defrost cycles can be programmed independently, and a real-time clock is included for quick, easy, and accurate settings. — Intermatic intermatic.com
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    Defrost Timer Includes Power Loss Protection

    The Paragon® 9045-00 and 9145-00 universal defrost timers from Invensys Controls Americas are engineered to refrigeration standards.

    Features include: real-time clock, a15-minute manual defrost, system status indicators, a lighted display that shows defrost start time and duration, and 100 hours of power loss protection for both time and defrost schedules. The timers are certified to the UL873 standard for temperature-indicating and regulating equipment. — Invensys Controls Americas icca.invensys.com
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    Master-Bilt Releases Parallel Rack System

    A new parallel rack refrigeration system — also known as a distributed system — from Master-Bilt, New Albany, MS, is a multiple compressor refrigeration unit piped in parallel, to yield smooth capacity control as compared to a single compressor unit. A parallel system can be located in a back room or on a roof, in close proximity to refrigeration equipment for reduced piping. Master-Bilt's parallel units use scroll compressors for the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly system. Parallel units, matched to an appropriate condenser, are modular and allow for additional or modification to compressors, as needed. The parallel rack refrigeration system's energy saving features include:

    • Ability to match refrigeration capacity to actual load, which amounts to a 20% or more savings over a single compressor unit.

    • The lead compressor is a Copeland digital scroll, which better matches capacity needs, and provides a 3% energy saving over standard parallel units.

    • Subcooling increases refrigerant efficiency on low temp applications by approximately 17%. — Master-Bilt master-bilt.com
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