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Water as a Refrigerant? AquaStar Says Yes

Nov. 17, 2010
Say systems will be ready for Spring 2011

AquaStar Holdings, Inc., Santa Ana, CA, says its water-based air conditioning system, which debuted at the West Coast Green Show held in San Francisco, California, will be ready by Spring 2011.

AquaStar is part of Select University Technologies, Inc. (SUTI), a self-described, "leading edge, multi-project business development enterprise" that creates new technology companies from patented university innovation. SUTI's website says the group has a systematic process of product development that reduces risk for stakeholders, improves quality and quantity of measured results; and provides larger financial returns faster.

AquaStar sources report that representatives from major green building architectural firms, eco-friendly building suppliers, and HVAC companies were constant visitors to the company's booth, where AquaStar was conducting presentations of its breakthrough technology.

The system enables the use of water as a refrigerant in home air conditioners and small commercial installations. The company has signed with Absolute Graphic Technologies USA, Inc. to start production.

AquaStar sources say the company hopes to have initial delivery of its 2-ton units available by the late spring of 2011. AquaStar has placed a downloadable PDF file on its website, which illustrates a number of configurations of the technology. Those configurations include a geothermal option, in-ground water tank option, and an in-ground coil option.

AquaStar has a technology that enables the use of water as a refrigerant in residential, light-industrial and commercial air conditioners, replacing the environmentally hazardous chemical refrigerants. AquaStar reports its air conditioners provide a natural, environmentally safe and user-friendly product for residential and business environments. AquaStar air conditioners exceed environmental regulations, set a challenging new standard for ultra-efficiency SEER rating, and deliver a cost-savings to the consumer.

"The response our technology received at West Coast Green Show was incredible," says Malcolm Lennie, president of AquaStar Holdings, Inc. "Over and over again we heard positive comments about our technology's capabilities and efficacy."