Chilling Out in Chicagoland:It's AHR Expo Time

Jan. 17, 2012
Rest up. You're gonna need it.

AHR Expo 2012 returns to its most frequent locale, Chicago’s McCormick Center, January 23-25, to give the HVACR industry some real hope…hope that many of the products on display will be helpful, welcome additions to HVACR contractors’ service vehicles and technician tool belts.

More than 2,000 exhibitors, and more than 100 educational sessions; that’s some show. Here’s a look at some of the refrigerant-related products more and 45,000 attendees will have a chance to view.
(N stands for North Hall, S for South Hall.)

A-Gas Americas S6330
A-Gas offer interim HCFC and long-term HFC refrigerants as well as non-fluorinated refrigerants such as ammonia, hydrocarbons, and carbon Ddioxide (CO2).

Agramkow North America S6663
Agramkow has been a worldwide leader in the domestic and commercial appliance/air conditioning industry delivering safe solutions for charging the environmentally friendly refrigerants CO2, R290 and R600a.

Airgas Refrigerants S4969
From a nationwide network, Airgas maintains and distributes the largest selection of refrigerants in the country. In addition to ASPEN, the Airgas Refrigerants’ brand, Airgas distributes all major U.S. refrigerant manufacturers’ brands including Forane-Arkema, Suva/ISCEON-DuPont, Genetron-Honeywell and Klea-Ineos.

Appion S5716
The G5 Twin is the smallest and lightest recovery machine capable of handling the tough demands of industrial/commercial refrigerant recovery - no job too big for this little beast. Designed for use with all common refrigerants, including R410a, the G5 Twin pumps liquid and vapor without throttling. Featuring twin cylinders, twin condensers, refrigerant-isolated crankcase and a turbine fan blasting 600cfm of airflow for cool, durable, powerful operation.

ComStar International S6214
HCR 188C is a green, natural hydrocarbon refrigerant that is SNAP approved by the EPA for use in household refrigerators and stand-alone freezers; other applications are pending. ASHRAE has assigned it as R441a. Other refrigerants are available.

Coolgas N1776
Coolgas carries a complete line of refrigerants for the automotive, HVAC and transport refrigeration industries. Coolgas, Inc. offers a variety of refrigerant related services.

Dynatemp International N2417
Dynatemp distributes a variety of refrigerants to heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration wholesale locations. Dynatemp offers its customers quick lead times by using a network of warehouse locations positioned throughout the country. To ensure that our customers receive first-rate time and attention, Dynatemp partners with professional sales agents that have an excellent record of customer service.

Galco Climalife S4671
Galco-Climalife, the export subsidiary of Climalife, is one of the world’s leading distributors of products for refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating installations. The company sells a complete range of refrigerants and chemicals such as oils, heat transfer fluids, cleaning products, and more. Based in Belgium, with its head office in Brussels and its filling plant not far from Antwerp is near one of the largest ports in Europe as a gateway to international distribution.

Honeywell Genetron Refrigerants S5349
Commercial products include refrigerants for packaged systems, chillers, and other systems used in schools, offices, hotels, industrial facilities, and anywhere else that people need to be comfortable. Because of the ongoing phase out of HCFCs including R-22 and R-123, Honeywell continues to seek out new, environmentally friendlier alternatives to today's industry-standard products. The newest addition to the Honeywell line is Genetron 245fa, a low-pressure refrigerant currently being looked at as a replacement for R-123 in new centrifugal chillers.

Harp International S6246
UK-based Harp International Limited has been established since 1991 with the objective of providing a complete refrigerant service to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Harp International is a market leader in the supply of high quality refrigerants both in the UK and to overseas markets. As a natural extension to the business, its "Complete Service" philosophy has been expanded with the addition of a basket of products and services that are principally tailored for the foam blowing and aerosol propellants industries. Harp International offers its own HARP brand of halocarbon refrigerants and flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Hudson Technologies N1950
Hudson Technologies sources report the company offers one of the largest inventory selections in the country, along with a convenient nationwide network of distributors. All of its products meet or exceed ARI- 700 purity standards. They’re also are available in all standard industry sizes, including tanker and ISO containers for bulk delivery. In addition to supplying refrigerants, Hudson Technologies will purchase virtually any used CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants at a competitive price. As part of this buy-back program, we provide empty recovery cylinders and make freight arrangements.

ICOR International N1931

Products by Indianapolis, IN-based ICOR include: HOT SHOT2 NU-22B (R-422B); Hot Shot (R-414B); One Shot(C); (R-422C); R-22; R-134a; R-401A; R-401B; R-404A; R-407C; R-410A; and R-507.
ICOR has offered refrigerant reclamation through its Refri-Claim branch since May 2007. ICOR also offers fast technical support through its Tech2Tech website, found at

National Refrigerants, Inc. S5283
R-407A has emerged as the popular choice for supermarket refrigeration equipment because of its combination of good performance match to R-22 and lower GWP than other alternatives. NRI supports this important customer base with R-407A refrigerant, POE lubricants, retrofit guidelines and other service literature, and R-22 reclamation and banking options. "

Promax N2223
Promax is a leader in the refrigerant recovery field. and is the world's largest manufacturer of refrigerant recovery devices for the service trade technician. Promax products include refrigerants, refrigerant charging equipment, refrigerant recovery and reclaim equipment.

Refrigerant Services, Inc. S6214
Refrigerant Services Inc. established Canada’s first refrigerant reclamation facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 1993. The company has since developed a number of patented and patent pending technologies for the reprocessing of refrigerants. The company has partnered with industry leaders in a number of joint ventures and licensing agreements around the globe. The company has also provided equipment and consulting services to many World Bank and United Nations projects throughout the world.

RemTec International S6491
Established in 1986, RemTec International offers products and services that reduce ozone depletion and global warming. Our primary mission is to buy used CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and Halons and reclaim them to industry standards. All CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and halons are banked and then offered for sale to our customers with full laboratory certifications. Robinair N2223 Robinair is a global brand of innovative service tools and equipment. Solutions are sold in two primary markets: HVACR and mobile. Products range from inexpensive hand tools to complex refrigerant management systems and automotive air conditioning tools, and are designed to help HVACR technicians repair and install air conditioning systems.

Solvay Fluorides S6517
Solvay offers a broad range of refrigerant and value added services such as the Solkane program for comprehensive calculation of thermo-physical properties and refrigeration cycles. The brand new Solkane App for iPhones enables quick and easy access to information about the most common refrigerants.

T.T. International S6166
T.T. International carries a complete line of refrigerants for the HVAC and transport refrigeration industries, including equipment to preserve, process, and store food from its source to the wholesale distribution point, and large equipment — typically 25 KW to 30 MW —used for chemical processing, cold storage, food processing and district heating and cooling.