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2013 AHR EXPO: Refrigeration Product Roundup

Feb. 21, 2013
Refrigerants, refrigeration systems, and system components were well-represented at the 2013 AHR Expo. If you're a refrigeration contractor who couldn't make it to the show, here's some of the items we found to be of interest.
Browning Emerson Industrial Automation During AHR Expo 2013, experts from Browning Emerson Industrial Automation were sharing news about its SealMaster brand products, EDGE product selection software, a new App called Toolbox technician, and the new energy and operational cost saving, “V-belt drive upgrade program”.  According to sources, Browning brand V-belt drives offer the widest array of inch and metric sizes in the industry. High performance products allow maximum torque in the smallest footprint available. When you couple their performance
products with EDGE V-belt drive selection software, Browning Emerson can provide engineered, optimized belt drive packages at the best cost, sources report. SealMaster bearings are described as the gold standard for quality, and offer problem solving performance and reduced downtime for customers. The V-belt drive upgrade program outlines the process for auditing existing equipment and provides tools to select new, optimized drives. In many cases, Browning Emerson Industrial Automation can provide downsized solutions that can dramatically reduce replacement part costs, improve energy efficiency and maximize V-belt drive life. Visit for additional information. — Emerson Browning Industrial AutomationFasTestFasTest of Roseville, MN offers the new Refrigeration Quick Disconnect (RQD) assembly, which takes the pressure out of connecting to refrigerant lines, for charging or evacuating cooling appliances and
applications. The RQD’s unique lever action minimizes the effort necessary for connecting to refrigerant lines under high pressure, while adding the lever mechanical advantage to the valve opening. This simple two step connection process reduces worker fatigue and increases manufacturing productivity. Connecting the RQD is a simple process that delivers a fast, safe, and repeatable high pressure connection to 1/4-in. and 3/8-in. PCU and Hanson-style tips with a minimal amount of physical effort. Additional products include the popular TwistMates connectors and seals, available for immediate purchase in the FasTest online store in small quantities. To see what models are currently available as well as other selected connectors, visit

Refrigerant Solutions Limited
A wide variety of replacement refrigerants were offered by Refrigerant Solutions Limited and Refrigerant Services, Inc.

  • RS-50 (R442A) is a low global warming potential (GWP) replacement for R404A, R507, and R22 in refrigeration applications.
  • RS-44 is a new zero ozone depletion potential (ODP0 refrigerant drop in replacement for R22. No oil change is required and it is compatible with all lubricants, according to product literature.
  • RS-52 (R428A) is a zero ODP drop-in replacement for R22 at low temperatures, R502, and interim ozone depleting blends
ICOR International The impending phase-out of R-22 is driving the service industry to choose a long-term HFC replacement and NU-22B is emerging as the safest and most practical option, according to ICOR. NU-22B closely matches R-22’s operating characteristics, is ASHRAE designated and safety classified A1.
NU-22B is available through stocking wholesale distributors nationwide. Hot Shot2 (HS-2) is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-ozone depleting HFC that is designed to work in most stationary R-12 and R-134a designed systems without the need for conversion to POE oil or any major component modifications. It has been successfully field tested in a number of practical refrigeration applications including domestic refrigerators, vending machines, freezers, and commercial walk-in / reach-in systems. Hot Shot2 won a Product Showcase Award at the national 2012 HVAC Comfortech Show.

has expanded its North American refrigerants website with online R22 retrofit training for field technicians. All R22 retrofit information may be found through the Forane refrigerant homepage, or may be accessed directly at Both sites include a link to Arkema's "R22 Alternatives Training Presentation," which provides a detailed, easy-to-navigate refrigerants training seminar for field technicians.

DuPont's Opteon family
of lower GWP refrihgerants offer a balance of performance, environmental sustainability, safety, and cost for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. They offer lower GWP and no ozone depletion potential.

  • DR-33 has a GWP of 1400, which is 65% less GWP than R404A. It's non-flammable, for retrofit and new system swith larger charge sizes.
  • XP-10 has a GWP of 600, 84% less than R404A. It is a close performance match to R123a; for retrofit and new systems. Also non-flammable, and preferred for hybrid CO2 cascade systems, DuPont says.
  • DR-7 has a GWP of 250, a 94% reduction versus R404A. It has a close performance match to R404A, is mildly flammable (ASHRAE Class 2L expected), and is for smaller charge size equipment, as in condensing units and self-contained systems.

DuPont's ISCEON MO99 is DuPont's most popular replacement when retrofitting R22 air conditioning equipment. MO99 allows for easy conversion, with no oil change required for most systems. It has the closest pressure enthalpy match to R22 of any replacement product, DuPont sources say.

Cooper-AtkinsCooper-Atkins is recognized as a manufacturer and provider of quality temperature, time, and humidity
instruments. Products include the MFM300 Multi-Function Instrument, that is many functions in one: digital thermometer; anamometer; sling psychrometer; data logger; gauge set; PT chart; and psychrometric charts.The MFM300's Universal Jack system allows technicians to add the functions they need when they need them. This includes three thermistor temperature jacks and two universal input jacks. Watch a video of the MFM300 in action at the Mechanical Systems Video Network.Airgas RefrigerantsAirgas Refrigerants is a full service refrigerant supply and reclamation
company providing products and specialized refrigerant services for the HVACR industries. Airgas Refrigerants is a leading distributor of refrigerant gases in the country and maintains a wide selection and a dependable inventory nationwide. As a subsidiary of Airgas, Inc. the country’s largest supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases, Airgas Refrigerants is also teamed with experts who contribute the strengths and resources developed over more than 25 years in the industrial gas industry. Airgas Refrigerants provides:
  • reliable supply
  • quality products
  • quick, next-day delivery
  • convenient used refrigerant return programs with cylinder exchange options
  • extensive field services, including on and off site reclamation
  • complete technical support
  • accurate and timely updates on EPA and other industry regulations
  • Material Safety Data Sheets.

TrakRef — a product of Polar Technology LLC — is a compliant software management tool designed to provide comprehensive tracking of refrigerants from the time of purchase, throughout maintenance cycles concluding in recovery and reclamation or destruction.

TrakRef provides the user total control and access to their refrigerants regardless of location or application while keeping up with maintenance schedules and leak rate monitoring.

Polar Technology President Ted Atwood describes the benefits of and industry need for improved refrigerant tracking provided by Trakref.

"Ever since chlorofluorobcarbon (CFC) gases were invented, refrigerants have operated in a commodity environment. The industry produced what was demanded and supplies were readily available," said Ted Atwood, owner and president of Polar Technology.

"Then we learned that refrigerants had a negative impact on the environment. Now, the resulting regulations, among other factors, are forever changing the paradigm in which the industry operates," Atwood said. "If those in the supply channel are going to survive and thrive, they are going to have to collectively deal with new realities of how to keep expensive equipment operating and serviced, something we call System Uptime. This will also need to be accomplished in a world that includes changing demands, challenges in supply, compliance and reporting." Atwood added.

TrakRef is designed to provide comprehensive and transparent tracking and management of refrigerants from the time of purchase, their deployment throughout maintenance cycles, their recovery and reclamation in their final destruction at the end of the life cycle.

The Danfoss ADAP-KOOL AK-PC 781 integrated rack controller won an AHR Expo Innovation Award in the refrigeration category. The ADAP-KOOL makes it easy to set up energy-efficient capacity control of refrigeration compressors and condensers with modular hardware and flexible software that extends as system requirements grow or change.

“What's unique about this offering is that the advanced algorithms of the ADAP KOOL 781 controller optimize four control systems: compressor, oil management, high-pressure and heat recovery,” said Mads
Jorgensen, project manager at Danfoss. “This saves energy, and also harvests refrigeration heat without compromising food safety, which are two of the most important requirements our customers face in the food retail industry.”

The AK-PC 781 capacity controller ensures precise and stable suction and condensing pressure regulation for a variety of applications and refrigerants. Modules snap onto a common platform to accommodate digital and analog inputs and outputs for compressors, condensers, gas coolers, fans, expansion valves, sensors, switches and alarms. Capacity control is available for up to eight compressors, with three unloaders for each compressor. Functions include speed control of one or two compressors, handling up to six safety inputs per compressor, optional capacity limitation to minimize peak energy consumption, capacity control for up to eight fans and coordinating cascade controllers for medium- and low-temperature operation.

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., offered in-booth seminars with some of the refrigeration industry's most trusted and respected thought leaders at the recent AHR Expo 2013.

  • Making Sense of System Operation to Improve Performance, by Kurt Knapke.
  • Energy Efficiency for Commercial Refrigeration, by Mitch Knapke.
  • Refrigerants for Supermarket Applications, by Rajan Rajendran
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. also debuted a new solution for operators looking to improve operations and reduce costs in refrigeration systems. The Copeland Scroll K5 compressor offers the highest energy
efficiency available - lowering utility bills and reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, its superior reliability and onboard CoreSenseDiagnostics prevent unnecessary service calls and extend compressor life.

The Copeland Scroll K5 compressor delivers what is described by sources as an unmatched energy efficiency, in the range of 5 to 20% improvement.

This is achieved through a motor, scroll and bearing redesign that minimizes annual energy consumption. Precision machined scrolls provide the highest isentropic efficiency and wear-in for improved performance over time. New valving technology adjusts the scroll compression ratio based on operating condition, significantly improving low ambient performance. Using vapor injection improves system capacity by 50% and efficiency by 20% on average at the low temperature rating condition.

Emeson also provided information on its new CO2 booster system and MTCO2 critical compressor.