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    Refrigeration Service Today: New Products for July, 2013

    June 27, 2013
    Master-Bilts GPS Series refrigerant rack cuts energy by up to 25%. Perlick's attractive undercounter coolers have two controllable temperature zones.

    Award-winning Rack System Cuts Energy Consumption Up To 25%

    Master-Bilt’s GPS series glycol parallel rack systems use a high efficiency refrigeration system to chill a glycol loop, which is then used to cool various refrigeration equipment in a foodservice kitchen or retail environment. The GPS series system has received a 2013 “Kitchen Innovations” Award from the National Restaurant Association. The system cools a brazed-plate heat exchanger,
    which removes the heat from the glycol loop. The glycol is then circulated by a high efficiency variable speed pump to the kitchen fixtures. Sources say the most unique feature of the Master-Bilt glycol system is that it uses floating heat pressure technology to lower the energy consumption of the refrigeration system by as much as 25%. The system also uses full digital controls rather than mechanical controls used in competitive equipment. State-of-the-art digital controls provide greater precision, diagnostics, data logging and monitoring capability. The glycol system saves energy and uses a reduced refrigerant charge, which is completely contained within the wall of the parallel rack system. Only the chilled glycol is distributed to the kitchen. Less refrigerant and piping mean less chance of refrigerant leaks. — Master-Bilt  master-bilt.com

    Perlick’s New Undercounter Models Include Independently Controlled Temperature Zones

    Perlick has released a new line of Signature Series 24-in. Dual-Zone undercounter refrigerators. The new line consists of the industry’s
    first indoor and outdoor 24-in units to feature two independently controlled temperature zones. The new 24-in. Dual-Zone line also includes: • Perlick’s pioneering standard feature of commercial-grade stainless steel interiors and exteriors • Perlick’s exclusive whisper-quiet variable speed compressor; • two-inch thick walls to provide superior insulation and minimal vibration • adjustable full-extension pull-out shelves • convertible door design • zero-clearance hinging • front-vented RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system (the fastest chilling system in the industry)  • an ”Industry Best” three-year warranty plus an additional three years on the sealed system. — Perlick   perlick.com