Refrigeration Service Today: Product Spotlight March 2014

March 11, 2014
The NEU compressor line from Embraco performs with 11% higher efficiency and 5% larger cooling capcity. KeepRite Refrigeration's outdoor air-cooled condensing units feature single or dual compressors and a vertical discharge air-cooled condenser.
Embraco, a world leader in the hermetic compressor market with a specialty in cooling solutions, today unveiled the NEU compressor line at AHR Expo 2014 in New York City. Configured after the company’s NEK line, NEU compressors perform with 11% higher efficiency, 5% larger cooling capacity and the lowest noise and pulsation in its performance range and size. They are also designed to sustain severe field conditions and are suitable for all of the same products as NEK compressors and framebreak
to NT range. In addition to the NEU compressor line, Embraco will display a range of condensing units built for American OEMs and aftermarket products including Bristol compressors (refrigeration and A/C) in booth 1329. Embraco will also help (HVACR) wholesalers and small OEMs find their ideal cold for commercial refrigeration applications, including horizontal freezers, ice machines, beverage merchandisers and vending machines.KeepRite Refrigeration’s outdoor, air-cooled condensing units features single or dual compressors and a vertical discharge air-cooled condenser suitable for large walk-in
coolers and freezers, blast freezers, warehouse applications and air conditioned spaces where roof mounted condensers are most practical. Using high efficiency compressors and the company’s THERMOSPAN condenser core design, the unit meets all application needs from 15 to 100 hp (high and medium temperature) and 10 to 80 hp (low temperature). KeepRite’s KV-Line of condensing units has been updated to include a 22 hpmodel with a single Copeland compressor and a 44 hp model with a double Copeland compressor. Both units are suitable for high (H8) medium (M8) temperature applications using R404A, R507 and R407C. KeepRite has offices in Langhorne, PA and Brantford, Ontario, Canada.