Energy Savings with New Master-Bilt Merchandisers

June 18, 2015
Master-Bilt's new BMG/BLG Plus models increase pack-out and product visibility with 23-1/2-in. deep shelving

Master-Bilt, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial refrigeration systems, released a full line of glass door merchandisers with the next generation BMG/BLG Plus and Fusion Plus models during the NRA Show, May 16-19 in New York City.

These new glass door merchandisers provide extensive flexibility that businesses require for growing market segments, changing floor plans and improving traffic flow.

The new bottom mounted medium(BMG)and low temp (BLG) glass door merchandisers feature full-height glass doors with four adjustable cantilever shelves per door for maximum product visibilityand double strip LED lighting for maximum illumination.

Master-Bilt’s state-of-the-art electronic control system provides reliable, continuous temperature performance.

The BMG/BLG Plus models also increase pack-out and product visibility with 23-1/2”deep shelving and are available in six cooler sizes with swing and slide door options and also in four freezer sizes with swing doors.