2014 refrigeration roundtable

Refrigeration Contractors: Join Our Panel Discussion

July 16, 2015
The Refrigeration Roundtable will be held Sept. 14 and the morning of Sept. 15 in St. Louis. We seek contractors who aren't afraid to share ideas, and are organized to the point that they can let the business take care of itself for a day while they or a project manager attend.  

Do you like to share ideas, hear about new ones, and improve the industry by meeting with other refrigeration contractors?

Or do you prefer to remain in a little box, with no interaction with your peers?

If the former, we invite you to join a refrigeration panel discussion, to be held in St. Louis, MO Sept. 14 and the morning of Sept. 15.

The Annual Refrigeration Roundtable — held in conjunction with Comfortech, brings together contractors with daily supermarket refrigeration experience, and
supermarket executives who can hold their own when discussing refrigeration systems, refrigerants, and what their companies are doing to be progressive amid many industry changes.

We are seeking participation by contractors who have not yet served on one of these panels. If you're in the Missouri/Illinois region, even better.

This private discussion is then chronicled over the course of the year through articles in

Panelists will also get exclusive one-on-one discussion time with our sponsors: Danfoss, Emerson, Heatcraft, and Hussman.

Travel benefits apply, which is a good thing — call Terry McIver at 216-931-9732 to find out what that means. Or email him at [email protected]