Yellow Jacket
With a capacity of 220 lbs it quickly and accurately measures vacuum in microns pascals millibar and Torr with a resolution to 1 micron

Digital Vacuum Gauge is Compact, Loaded with Features

Dec. 15, 2016
Sources say this will be a new must-have, go-to vacuum gauge for many HVACR  technicians.

The new YELLOW JACKET® OMNI™ digital vacuum gauge may be small, but it packs a wallop of a punch, and it’s jam packed full of features. Sources say this will be a new must-have, go-to vacuum gauge for many HVACR technicians.

Yellow Jacket says that with a weight of less than 8 ounces, the Omni digital vacuum gauge is perfect for HVACR technicians who find themselves hauling around a lot of equipment on their jobs.

“When we designed this new gauge, we had in mind the HVACR technician who climbs a lot stairs and ladders to get to the job site,” says Karl Johnson, head of engineering at Ritchie Engineering, the manufacturer of YELLOW JACKET-branded HVACR tools and equipment. “Our intent was to make a powerful piece of equipment that could get the job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but in a low-weight package that reduces the wear and tear on HVAC/R technicians.”


With a capacity of 220 lbs., it quickly and accurately measures vacuum in microns, pascals, millibar, and Torr with a resolution to 1 micron.

Made with a high impact, glass reinforced housing, the new Omni vacuum gauge thrives in moisture and will survive accidental drops or attachment to a high pressure line. Its easy-to-clean vacuum sensor can handle up to 450 psi positive pressure. The gauge features a 45 degree bend for quarter-inch or 5/16 in. fittings. Adaptor fittings are available.

The gauge features a rich and intuitive user interface that automatically adjusts to the user’s default settings when turned on. It’s lighted display features easy-to-read alphanumeric characters for HVAC/R technicians who operate in low-light conditions. A built-in stability indicator helps HVAC/R technicians know when the scale is ready for reading, and an overload indictor offers an audible and visual alarm if the gauge becomes overloaded.

The unit also features a low battery indicator light and an automatic power-down when the gauge is not in active use.

“Tough, compact and smart – that’s how I would describe this new gauge from YELLOW JACKET,” adds Johnson. “It has everything an HVACR technician is looking for, and then some.”

The YELLOW JACKET Omni vacuum gauge features a one-year warranty and is made in the USA – in Bloomington, Minnesota, home of Ritchie Engineering.