RectorSeal Releases 'Next Generation' Refrigeration Pipe Flaring Tool

Sept. 18, 2017
With this tool, the flaring process requires just seconds to complete.

RectorSeal® has introduced the PRO-Fit Precision Flaring Kit, the next generation pipe flaring tool for copper and aluminum tubing used in air conditioning and refrigeration work. PRO-Fit’s unique pipe flaring tool design helps prevent potential sidewall splits and leaks associated with slow traditional flaring tools when forming 45 degrees, field-applied refrigeration tubing flare connections.

The kit consists of five bell-shaped, color-coded, size-inscribed flaring bits designed for 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2-, 5/8- and 3/4-in. (6, 7.5, 12, 16, 19-mm) tubing. The flaring process requires just seconds to complete using a (minimum) 12v drill or impact driver. The spinning bit forms the tube opening into a flare, without splits, burrs, blemishes or uneven edges that typically cause flare fitting connection leaks. Sources say the bits are the most efficient option for flaring short stubs or existing tubing in cramped spaces with limited accessibility for traditional flaring tools/blocks.

The kit’s 7.5 x 11 x 2-in. (19 x 28 x 5-cm) clear durable plastic carrying case includes an interior foam organizer with cutouts sized to fit each respective bit. A four-color 7.5 x 11-in. instruction sheet mounted under the foam is readable through the bottom of the plastic case bottom without removing.

Other features include:
• laboratory endurance testing proves bits last twice as long as competitors
• no-slip, 1/4-in.-diameter hex-shaft for the industry standard 1/4-in. hex chuck
• hardened tool steel bits with a proprietary machine shop-grade non-corrosion coating
• available to HVACR wholesale distributors in four-unit cases
• replacement bits are available through distributors.

The kit is the first offering from RectorSeal’s newly-created PRO-Fit brand. Sources report RectorSeal will continue to introduce more tools and consumables for the HVACR trade.