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    Parker Hannifin Supporting Chemours' Opteon™ XL41

    Parker Hannifin – Sporlan Division, along with Chemours, advance the global adoption of R-454B, a low global warming potential (GWP) alternative for R-410A in residential and commercial HVAC applications. 

    Washington, MO., December 10, 2019 - R-454B, offered commercially by Chemours as OpteonTM XL41, is a mildly flammable A2L refrigerant blend of 68.9% R32 and 31.1% R-1234yf. Among the replacement candidates for R-410A with <750 GWP and comparable design and performance characteristics, R-454B boasts the lowest GWP of 4661, making it a very attractive choice for minimizing environmental impact and complying with future regulation.

    “With this alliance, Sporlan Division helps address critical industry needs such as chemical compatibility of flow control components and optimizing the component performance within the systems. There will also be a collaborative effort towards training for a safe and proper transition to A2Ls,” Raghu Kunapuli, Sporlan’s Climate Controls business development manager commented.

    Opteon™ low GWP HFO-based refrigerants are a portfolio of sustainable and versatile refrigerants that have been developed to address increasingly stringent global regulations while maintaining or improving performance compared to the products they replace, as well as encouraging more sustainable refrigerant choices and equipment designs to reduce the carbon footprint of the HVACR industry.

    “The qualification of Opteon™ XL41 by Sporlan Division is yet another example of industry progress to ensure readiness for A2L refrigerants in air conditioning, heat pumps and chillers. This collaboration will support the industry shift toward more environmentally sustainable refrigerant solutions while meeting long-term regulatory requirements without sacrificing performance," said Allison Skidd, market manager, Chemours Fluorochemicals, North America.

    "We are very excited about the benefits this collaboration with Chemours brings to our mutual customers, as we successfully qualify our R-410A product portfolio for use in R-454B applications," said Dustin Searcy, division marketing manager, Sporlan Division. "Two trusted names in the industry are making a joint commitment to help customers transition to next-generation, environmentally friendly refrigerants."

    Parker has been a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Transport Partnership since 20132, a program that helps Parker identify technologies and strategies to reduce carbon emissions. Parker has also achieved a high Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) supply chain rating, measuring against 5,000 other companies taking action to support a sustainable economy2.

    1According to Assessment Report 4 (AR4) which is the basis for California HFC regulatory proposals

    2According to Parker Hannifin Sustainability Report 2018