CoolSys to Rebrand All Recently Acquired Service Companies

Feb. 17, 2020
Southern California-based parent company has been on an aggressive acquisition schedule, and currently has 14 operating companies.

BREA, Calif., Feb. 13, 2020 - CoolSys™, a parent of market-leading refrigeration and HVAC companies nationwide, announced it will be rebranding all of its operating businesses under the CoolSys name over the next 12 to 18 months. Its foundational brands, Source Refrigeration & HVAC (Source) and Service Refrigeration Company (SRC), have changed their names to CoolSys as the first step in a multi-phased brand transformation.  Other CoolSys companies, including CRM, Legacy Air and Ron’s Refrigeration, will gradually transition to one unified brand identity this year. Newly acquired companies, Tech Mechanical, BRR Refrigeration, Agape, ABC Refrigeration, Building Air Services and RSI will take the CoolSys name within 18 months. 

CoolSys and its operating businesses cover every stage of mission-critical systems through engineering and design, installation, service and maintenance, and energy optimization. Based in Southern California, CoolSys currently has 14 operating companies, and more than 2,500 employees, 1,700 of which are field-based service installation experts serving more than 4,000 customers in North America.

“Our rebranding represents a shared long-term vision for CoolSys – to improve the customer experience by providing a seamless, end-to-end solution for all HVACR, engineering, installation, service and maintenance, and energy optimization needs,” comments Adam Coffey, CEO of CoolSys.  “It also addresses the needs of our commercial customers who increasingly rely on national brands with nationwide capabilities.  We are combining all of our business units under one CoolSys brand to strengthen our presence, convey a consistent message and increase our power in the market,” he adds.

The company’s rebranding of its operating units and subsidiaries has been part of its long-term vision that began when CoolSys first established its name over two years ago to bring together its growing family of businesses under one corporate umbrella.  CoolSys has recently identified a growing demand among its customers to have access to a unified national brand, and a preference to consolidate their service providers to fewer, larger companies.  Its customers span across national and regional grocery, retail, convenience store and restaurant chains, as well as telecom, healthcare, and education.  

“In any market where we operate, our goal is for the CoolSys name to signify the consistent level of service, skill and expertise that our customers can rely on,” comments Mike Ochoa, executive vice president, sales and marketing.  “As we undergo this rebranding process, we are communicating with our customers, vendors and suppliers to ensure they are informed and fully on board with the changes that are coming.”

Over the course of this year, CoolSys will be unveiling a new website and new branding guidelines for its business units.  All vehicles, building signage, uniforms, forms and other materials will gradually be converted to the CoolSys brand.  To acknowledge its heritage as a company formed from many different brands, CoolSys will honor all its current and future acquired brands in a “Heritage” section on its newly designed website.