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Look Forward to Improved System Efficiencies with A2Ls

July 25, 2022
A2Ls can lower energy consumption and operating costs; learn more in this brief video.

As the industry prepares for the next refrigerant transition it is important for you and your customers to focus on the total impact of the systems you are designing and installing with a keen eye on energy efficiency and system cost. You may have heard about low global warming potential (GWP) A2Ls and new generation Hyrdofluorolefin (HFO) refrigerants and are now wondering how they will perform. The good news is, in many cases these technologies will offer better efficiency than the products we have been using to date all while ensuring competitive system cost and serviceability . The transition toward cleaner and more cost-efficient refrigeration systems goes hand-in-hand with A2Ls and for your customers, this means lower energy bills and lower potential emissions. Opteon™ XL products are designed to meet the most stringent environmental and safety standards so you can feel confident when making the switch from legacy products in the near future. Learn more about A2Ls and their applications with the brief video below and feel free to reach out to our team at Chemours if you have any questions. 

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