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Heatcraft Refrigeration Products Debuts New CO2 Transcritical Certification

Sept. 14, 2023
Advanced course headlines the slate of Heatcraft’s complete fall training calendar.

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. – August 28, 2023 – Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment and systems,  has started its new CO2 Transcritical Certification class, designed to empower experienced refrigeration professionals with advanced knowledge. This course builds on the foundation of the CO2 Transcritical Technology 101 program.

This advanced class focuses on CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems, equipping attendees with the skills to master controls, startup procedures and system commissioning. Ideal for seasoned professionals looking to excel in specialized refrigeration systems.

The course offers interactive lectures, hands-on controller setup activities using a CO2 rack, and practical training on an operational CO2 rack system within
Heatcraft's state-of-the-art R&D Lab.

In addition to the new CO2 Transcritical Certification class, Heatcraft has released its complete Fall Training Calendar, featuring a range of courses designed to enhance skills and expand knowledge in refrigeration systems.

“Product training and certification can be a key tool – and differentiator – for contractors looking to grow their business,” said Don Fort, senior technical trainer, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products. “Our variety of courses, led by instructors who average nearly 30 years’ experience in the field, range from basic refrigeration principles and core electrical training to more advanced topics such as electronic controls and CO2 transcritical technology.”

In-class courses offered this fall at the Heatcraft Training Center in Stone Mountain include:

  • Basic Refrigeration and Installation 101
  • Basic Electrical & Refrigeration Diagnosis 101 (Two-Day Course)
  • Hot Gas Defrost – MohaveTM 101
  • intelliGen™ 101
  • COTranscritical Technology 101
  • intelliGen™ & HFC Products 201 (Two-Day Certified Program)
  • COTranscritical Technology & Controls 201 (Two-Day Certified Program)

In addition, Heatcraft is offering several free webinars:

  • National Landscape of the HFC/HFO Phaseout. A discussion with Mike Pennington, director of engineering for Heatcraft, on current and future regulations that will impact the refrigeration industry in the coming years. – (This course was held on Sept. 5)
  • A2L Refrigerants. This basic course covers the classifications for refrigerants with a focus on what are sometimes called “mildly flammable” refrigerants available today. – Oct. 26; Nov. 7; Nov. 16

For additional information about Heatcraft, including course descriptions, please visit HeatcraftRPD.com/training.