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Companies Unite Against Refrigerant Counterfeiters

Brady, Kezzler and Honeywell have partnered to bring product authentication labeling and tracking to Genetron 134a refrigerant.

MILWAUKEE, Wis. Brady, a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, announced that its Brand Protection business partnered with Kezzler and Honeywell to bring product authentication labeling and tracking to a leading industrial product - Genetron® 134a refrigerant, which can be used in automotive, commercial and industrial air conditioning, and refrigeration applications. To combat counterfeiting, Brady provides secure label design services, layered anti-counterfeit materials, serialized label converting, and controlled supply chain distribution through one of
its NASPO-certified secure facilities; Kezzler offers a real-time serialization solution that provides each product its own digital identity; and Honeywell contributes covert security taggants and detection devices.

Nearly 3,500 containers of counterfeit Genetron 134a product were seized by local law enforcement in Saudi Arabia in 2013. In response, Brady and Kezzler developed a comprehensive brand protection labeling and tracking solution. Initially, this program was developed specifically for the Genetron 134a products in the Middle East, but has since expanded globally.

“Counterfeit products, particularly when it comes to refrigerants, are a dangerous and costly problem for manufacturers, distributors and consumers around the world,” says Dennis Polinski, global product manager of Brand Protection for Brady. “In order to combat hazardous replications, it’s essential to establish and sustain a strong brand protection approach. We take pride in offering customized, total solutions that protect the integrity of these products and brands."

The companies jointly developed a specialty label that is applied to the top of the product cylinder and is easily seen or scanned. This label has various levels of authentication, including a proprietary machine-readable covert taggant containing a unique signature in the form of an Over Print Varnish (OPV). The label is also tamper evident to eliminate illegal removal and reuse, and contains a unique QR barcode and tracking serial number provided by Kezzler. The kezzlercode enables the brand owner and its distribution network to digitally verify, track and monitor their product throughout the supply chain. Consumers are also able to enter the cylinder tracking code online to validate and access data.

“Developing the complete brand protection solution was truly a team effort. With contributions from Brady, Kezzler and Honeywell Authentication Technologies, we were
able to leverage each company’s expertise to create a fully integrated solution that aligns with the product’s unique needs,” says Garth Zambory, business development manager for Honeywell. “This labeling and tracking program was a much needed resolution, especially considering the large volume of the product manufactured and shipped globally. We look forward to future opportunities to continue to protect more products through this partnership.”

“The partnership between Kezzler and Brady is a great example how we provide a cost effective solution to global companies who face ongoing fraud and counterfeiting issues on a daily basis. We are pleased to see our partnership expanding and that we can continue to provide solutions that ultimately benefit the consumer,” said Thomas Körmendi , CEO of Kezzler.

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