Editor’s Notebook: Products/ Showcase Award

Editor’s Notebook: Products/ Showcase Award

The Comfortech Product Showcase award winner in this month's issue is Icor's Hot Shot-2, an ozone safe R-12 replacement.

Comfortech Product Showcase Award

At HVAC Comfortech 2012, 13 products were recognized as Product Showcase Award winners. Judges took into consideration the ease with which HVAC contractors can apply the technology, and the technical value of the product or service to the HVAC industry. We’ll feature these products each month in upcoming issues of Contracting Business.com. This month, we’re featuring Icor’s Hot Shot-2, the winner in the Refrigeration category.

ICOR International Debuts Ozone Safe 
R-12 Replacement
Indianapolis based refrigerant producer, ICOR International, Inc., introduces a new generation R-12 replacement. HOT SHOT-2 is an ozone safe HFC version of its HCFC predecessor, HOT SHOT.

HS-2 is a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-ozone depleting HFC that’s designed to work in most stationary R-12 and R-134a designed systems without the need for conversion to POE oil or any major component modifications. It has been successfully field tested in a number of practical refrigeration applications including domestic refrigerators, vending machines, freezers, and commercial walk-in / reach-in systems.

HOT SHOT-2 is available through ICOR’s diverse network of wholesale distributors nationwide.

Circle 145


Expand the Life of Your iPhone with LifeProof Cases
LifeProof offers ruggedized, MIL-SPEC, IP-68 rated protective cases for the iPhone and iPad. These cases enable full functionality and convenient operation under any environmental condition or hazard, such as water, dirt, snow, and shock, in a sleek, slim design.

The LifeProof nüüd case for iPad offers water, dirt, snow and shock protection for the iPad 2 and iPad Gen 3/4 devices. The LifeProof nüüd iPad case is waterproof down to 6.6-ft., shockproof, and fully snow and dust proof, all while sporting a totally naked screen display.

LifeProof accessories for the iPhone 4/4S case include heavy-duty belt clips, bike and bar mounts, and a floating LifeJacket that adds buoyancy and drop protection. LifeProof also recently introduced its new case for the iPhone 5.  

lifeproof.com             circle 146

Lennox Raider Rooftop Units Offer a Value Replacement Option
Lennox launches the Raider rooftop unit, a light commercial unit designed for compatibility with many replacement installations. Available in 3- to 5-ton gas/electric, electric/electric and heat pump models—and efficiency of 13.0 SEER and up to 11.4 EER—the Raider unit is built to fit the most popular curb sizes currently in use, eliminating the need for an adaptor curb on replacement jobs.

Coupled with the release of the Raider rooftop unit is a company-wide expansion of the emergency replacement program, designed to increase speed and availability of products to the light commercial rooftop industry. With this move, Raider units are stocked and available immediately in many major markets across the U.S. and Canada, and available to 98% of North America within 24 to 48 hours through Lennox commercial warehouses and select Lennox PartsPlus stores.  

circle 147

Mainstream Engineering Highlighted by the U.S. Department of Energy
The U.S. Department of Energy announces that they chose to highlight Mainstream Engineering Corporation’s QwikSEER+ WattSaver energy saving device on the DOE SBIR/STTR Programs Office web site: http://1.usa.gov/X7fbV6.

Mainstream’s QwikSEER+ WattSaver was one of five DOE-funded technologies to receive this highlighted status and the only product that reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning systems.

The independent, certified testing laboratory, Intertek, in Plano, TX, tested and verified these statistics.

Mainstream Engineering Corporation, a 27-year-old Florida-based research and manufacturing company, has a history of developing leading-edge, high-quality, cost-effective, environmentally safe, green products for the heating ventilating and air conditioning industry (HVAC) under the QwikProducts trademark. Mainstream’s QwikProducts are all proudly made in the USA.  
mainstream-engr.com     circle 148

Solar Thermal-based Cooling 
– a Profitable Paradox
SorTech AG, makers of energy-saving and eco-friendly adsorption chillers will display an intelligent concept for solar-thermal systems with solar cooling plus technical consultancy in solar technology at Leipzig’s enertec trade fair. This energy-efficient concept is based on the seeming paradox of using excess heat produced in a solar installation, such as in summer, for cooling by means of an adsorption chiller. Such an integrated solution does not only considerably reduce operational expenditures and CO2 emissions but is also eligible for up to 50% public grants.

Sources say, when planning the installation of a solar-thermal system, it’s reasonable to include the aspect of ‘solar cooling’ in the pertinent total energy performance analysis. Using process heat from a solar unit for cooling, due to its positive effects such lowering of CO2 emissions, is funded through a government program— with up to 50% of the costs of the solar system.  sortech.de/
circle 148

Brochure Tells About Complete Radon Mitigation Product Line
A brochure explaining seven radon mitigation products offered by Tjernlund Products is now available to HVAC contractors who want to expand their range of residential services. The company claims to have the most complete line of radon-reducing fans offered within easy reach of contractors through the company’s extensive nationwide network of HVAC, industrial supply and plumbing distributors.

Tjernlund’s radon mitigation product line includes the following:

• Side wall vent ASD (Active Sub-Slab Depressurization) system that’s designed to save material costs, reduce installation labor by over 50% and eliminate installation of PVC piping on the home exterior.

• High performance in-line fans for roof terminated ASD systems feature high-pressure air handling performance with low noise and low power usage.

• 16 watt 4-in. booster fan in-line fan for roof terminated ASD systems improves the performance of passive radon exhaust stacks easily and inexpensively.  

tjernlund.com     circle 149


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