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Emerson 360 Forum: Feb. 18, Atlanta, Ga.

Emerson 360 Forum: Feb. 18, Atlanta, Ga.

Sessions will include updates on refrigerant regulations, tips for moving forward correctly, and an update on the HVACR industry's workforce challenges.

It is fair to say that, food retailers and foodservice operators are facing an unprecedented convergence of market and regulatory challenges. On the market side, changing consumer preferences for fresh, healthy and sustainably sourced foods are permeating delivery strategies.

Meanwhile, recent developments by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and (DOE) pose their own set of formidable regulatory challenges. First, the EPA has delisted the industry’s most commonly used refrigerants on some new equipment, to take effect by January 2017. Then, the DOE is preparing to enforce its final rule on dramatic energy reductions by 2017. Furthermore, there’s increasing concern over a nationwide shortage of HVAC technicians. And, what efforts can be made to attract and retain while maximizing current technician performance?

Emerson Climate Technologies created its free E360 Forums to facilitate a dialogue that will answer questions and help shape the future of HVACR.

Sessions at the February 18 meeting in Atlanta:

  • National and Global Regulatory Update
  • Addressing the Challenges of the Qualified Technician Shortage (panel discussion)
  • Refrigerant & Energy Regulations Update
  • Tracking Fresh From Farm to Fork: How Trends, Regulation and Technology Will Impact Retailers
  • System Upgrades That Impact Sustainable Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings
  • Understanding Leak Detection and Implementing Effective Programs
  • Understanding Applications for Alternative A1 Refrigerants
  • How to Meet 2017/2020 Energy Regulations
  • The Case for R-290

Click here for the entire agenda. Email questions to [email protected]


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