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Have You Seen the New Refrigerant Guide from National Refrigerants?

Have You Seen the New Refrigerant Guide from National Refrigerants?

Published in 2016, the NRI Refrigerants Reference Guide, 6th Edition, has been published.

Although the focus is predominantly for refrigeration systems and methods based in the United States, sources from National Refrigerants say it nonetheless contains a wealth of knowledge and good practice guidance when considering refrigerant blend behaviors and the relevant retrofit procedures.

Subjects include:

  •    Product data summaries and thermodynamic tables
  •    Refrigerant Property Summary
  •    Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigeration
  •    AHRI Chemical Names and Color Codes
  •    Retrofits & Conversions
  •    Tutorial on Blends
  •    Refrigerant Management Services
  •    and much more

Note: some of the solutions for retrofit and storage of reclaimed refrigerants detailed within the guide are not applicable nor appropriate to the EU market. These include certain refrigerant choices which are not available in the EU and the use of different types of cylinders which are only permitted for use in the USA.

Thanks to National Refrigerants for offering this guide to the industry.


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