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HTPG Releases EcoNet Command Center for EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers

The ultra-thin programmable Command Center has an intuitive graphical touchscreen interface that’s simple to use.

Heat Transfer Products Group, LLC (HTPG), manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment brands Russell, Witt, Kramer and ColdZone, announced in October 2018 the release of a new EcoNet Command Center for use with EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers. The EcoNet Command Center builds on the innovations and intelligence of Rheem’s EcoNet Smart Thermostat technology and reengineers it specifically for commercial refrigeration applications.

The ultra-thin programmable Command Center has an intuitive graphical touchscreen interface that’s simple to use. The remote mount display allows for EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers to be programmed, monitored, and troubleshot outside of the space being cooled. This enables the user to get a true picture of the walk-in’s condition and easily make any necessary corrections. One display is able to control up to 32 devices including the Command Center.


The EcoNet Command Center enables monitoring of multiple connected EcoNet enable unit coolers from one display.

“The EcoNet Command Center is the latest collaboration with Rheem. It’s a smart, powerful tool that gives our customers the ability to control their walk-in coolers and freezers to maximize energy efficiency and product quality. Being able to monitor multiple connected EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers from one display is a huge advancement and timesaver,” said Paul Westbrook, HTPG’s director of sales and marketing. “Working with HTPG to develop these innovative commercial refrigeration applications has been rewarding and together we are excited to bring this technology to benefit our customers,” said Nitish Singh, vice president of product management, Rheem.

The EcoNet Command Center includes everything in the box to quickly install the device on a wall outside of the walk-in. System set up is easy with the touchscreen installer settings to specify cooler or freezer operation, select refrigerant used, evaporator type, configure EXV type, defrost run times, superheat setpoints, space temperature, and more. The device’s homescreen provides a snapshot of the system and allows the user to adjust basic settings, time and date, system status, service and support screens. The graphical icons are intuitive and highly visible.

The Command Center controls connected EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers, which are intelligent, electronically operated evaporators for walk-in coolers and freezers designed for energy efficiency and easier installation. The EcoNet technology saves energy in refrigeration systems through precise superheat and space temperature control, fan cycling, and controlling how often the system goes into defrost based on compressor runtime. It eliminates unnecessary defrosts, maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor runtime, reduces liability by eliminating icing issues, reduces fan speed to 50% during off cycle to save energy and reduces temperature fluctuations by regulating defrosts for improved product quality. Supported refrigerants include R404A, R407A, R407C, R448A (default), R449A/B, R450A, R507, and R513A. The Command Center is available to order from the factory and finished goods warehouses across the country.

 Additional information about HTPG’s EcoNet Enabled Unit Coolers can be found at

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